Graduate Student Receiving Award

The Graduate Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers all Full-time degree students financial support in the form of stipends.  Students cannot be self-funded.  This support may be provided through several resources including departmental funds, bursaries, supervisors’ grants, and scholarships.  Graduate student stipends are paid as T4A income when the student starts the program.

For 2023-2024 only

International graduate students in the department of pharmaceutical sciences make up a vibrant part of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Community. All our funded international student spaces for 2023/2024 are filled with existing students. We will have 1-2 openings for international applicants in 2024/2025 We encourage all interested international applicants to apply for our 2024-2025 cohort. Please stay connected with our department via our website or on social media

2022-2023 Graduate Student Base Stipend

Legal Status & Program

Living Allowance

2022-2023 Tuition*

Base Stipend

Domestic – MSc




Domestic – PhD




International – MSc




International – PhD




*International PhD students are subject to the same tuition fees as domestic PhD students.



Departmental Funding

In accordance with the Departmental funding policy, financial support is available to eligible Full-Time students only.

Full-Time students who begin PhD studies with an MSc degree will receive departmental support for a maximum of four years while students who enter the PhD program directly with a BSc degree or students who transfer to the PhD program after completing one year in the MSc program will receive support for a maximum of five years. 

MSc students receive departmental support for a maximum of two years.  All students must maintain good academic standing in order to be eligible to continue receiving departmental support.