Welcome to the 2019-20 Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Dean’s Report

As a world-leading school of pharmacy, our shared purpose is to move science and health.

But what happens when everything changes?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything — from how we study and work — to how we deliver health services and connect with each other. The last year has also been a period of tremendous unrest with deep-rooted issues of systemic racism and social injustices bubbling up in Canada and the United States.

Together we faced many challenges, including transitioning our academic offerings online and pausing (then safely restarting) our experiential learning. The research landscape shifted to focus on identifying diagnostic and therapeutic options to combat the novel coronavirus.

As the entire health system scrambled to modify services to support the stay-at-home mandate, pharmacists were among the only remaining front-line health professionals that could knowledgably address patients’ health questions. They continue to be the most accessible care provider, and pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists are showing the world what they’re capable of.

Our community — students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners — is also working together to engage in conversations around barriers facing racialized populations and co-create solutions to promote diversity, equity and inclusion, both in the Faculty and in the field of pharmacy in Canada.

Together, let’s keep moving science and health.