Name Title Contact Information
Reception Main Floor Reception
(currently redirected to 5th floor)
(416) 978-2889
Ernie Avilla Director, Strategic Initiatives 
Executive Director, Discovery Pharmacy
Heather Abela Research Officer,
Education Office
Sangita Agrawal Business Officer, 
Finance Department
Nana Boampong Finance Director,
Finance Department
(416) 946-5553
Monica Cajamarca Lab Technician
Lia Cardarelli Strategic Development Officer,
Research Office
Linda Chung Manger,
Student Records, Scheduling and Assessment
(416) 978-2162
Vera Costa Facilities Coordinator (416) 452-0340
Sam D’Alfonso Administrative Assistant,
Office of the Associate Dean Research
(416) 978-3833
Heide DeBond Admissions Assistant,
PharmD Admissions Office
(416) 978-3967
Aldo DiMarcantonio Chief Administrative Officer (416) 978-0875
Kyle Doré Administrator, Education Office
Susan Drodge Director of Advancement (416) 978-6749
Millie Eagle Administrative Assistant & Receptionist,
Offices of the Dean and CAO
(416) 978-3188
Frank Fan Education Technology Specialist (416) 978-5170
Mike Folinas Director, Research Administration (416) 978-0547
Monica Gautam Coordinator,
Industrial Pharmacy Residency Program

(905) 285-3420
Aoife Glavin (on leave) Administrative Assistant & Receptionist,
Offices of the Dean and CAO
(416) 978-3188
Nirmal Goonewardena Lab Technician
Henry Halapy Coordinator,
Hospital Pharmacy Residency Program
Candice Hamel Senior Development Officer, Major Gifts (416) 946-8162
Christine (Tina) Harvey-Kane Director of Facilities Management (416) 978-6772
Angela Hatto Work Integrated Learning Administrator,
Office of Experiential Education (OEE)
Lisa Jack Graduate Program Assistant,
Graduate Department
Marvin James Director,
Office of Experiential Education (OEE)
(416) 946-5287
Laurel Kazor Lab Technician,
Pharmacy Practice Laboratory
(416) 946-5285
Ryan Keay Program Coordinator,
PharmD Program
(416) 978-1849
Milena Khazak Financial Assistant,
Finance Department
(416) 978-3638
Christine Kreutzer Payroll & Financial Assistant,
Finance Department
Debbie Kwan Preceptor Education and Engagement Coordinator,
Office of Experiential Education (OEE)
(416) 978-4241
Catherine Kwong Program Assistant,
PharmD for Pharmacists Program
(416) 978-0603
Bianca Lane Advancement and Faculty Events Coordinator (416) 978-6989
Vincent Le Laboratory Coordinator,
Professional Practice Laboratory

Anna Lepietuszko

Staff & Faculty Relations Officer 
Claire MacKenzie Student Support, Appeals and Petition Specialist

Andrea McCracken Research and Education Coordinator,
Discovery Pharmacy
Kate Leuschen Millar Pharmacy Operations Coordinator,
Discovery Pharmacy
Rose Lin Manager,
Office of Experiential Education (OEE)
Shuhui Liu Payroll & Financial Administrator (416) 978-5440
Gustavo Luna Faculty Registrar and Director of Student Services (416) 946-8505
Marcia McLean Academic Lead, Experiential Education for Professional Programs,
Office of Experiential Education (OEE)
Sitra Mohamed Program Course Administrator
Jonathan Nhan Pharmacist Lead, Discovery Pharmacy
Sandra Parna Admissions Assistant,
PharmD Admissions Office
(416) 946-3831
Rommel Perono Client Support Analyst
Leanne Perry Curriculum Project Coordinator
Christine Park Graduate Programs Coordinator,
Graduate Department
Cecelia Power Program Coordinator,
PharmD for Pharmacist Program
(416) 946-3768
Francine Phillips-Sheldon Career Development and Placement Coordinator,
Office of Experiential Education (OEE)
(416) 978-0280
Byron Qu Manager, Information Systems Security
Kate Richards Director, Communications (416) 978-7117
Michelle Rozon Reception & Operations Clerk (416) 978-2889
Noha Elsherbiny Academic Program Manager,
International Pharmacy Graduate Program (IPG)
Steve Southon Digital Communications and Social Media Specialist (416) 434-6631
Claire Simpson (On Leave) Manager, Alumni Relations
Arshpreet Singh Client Support Analyst (416) 452-0136
Lachmi Singh Director, Education Programs & Administrative Services
Director, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (DEDI)
(416) 978-5189
Tara Snyder Director,
Administration, Faculty & Staff Relations
(416) 978-2880
Christina Surujpaul Finance Administrative Assistant

Adam Tarzwell Placement Coordinator,
Office of Experiential Education (OEE)
(416) 978-3172
Tammy Taylor Deane Program Assistant,
International Pharmacy Graduate Program (IPG)
(416) 946-0660
Regan Tigno Manager, Alumni Relations
Jessica Uyede Program Administrative Assistant,
PharmD Program
Laura Warman Communications Officer
Clara Wong Lab Technician
Delphine (Luyan) Zheng Program Course Administrator