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The PharmD for Pharmacists program at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy is a bridging program designed for pharmacists with a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy (BScPhm) or equivalent, who want to expand their skills and explore new opportunities in the profession of pharmacy by earning a PharmD degree.

Flexible and customizable, this unique program combines course work and experiential learning that fits your schedule and interests.  Build your knowledge through courses in pharmacotherapy, physical assessments and health systems while experiencing diverse hands-on experiential education in some of the country's leading health care institutions.

The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy is continually moving the profession of pharmacy forward, challenging traditional perceptions, seeking new solutions and redefining pharmacy's impact on healthcare. Join the top faculty of pharmacy and take the next step in your career with a PharmD.

The PharmD for Pharmacists program is accredited by the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs until December 2023. To graduate from an accredited program, students must complete all program requirements and be eligible for November 2023 convocation. 

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Application Timelines

The upcoming admission cycles are listed below:

  Application Deadline Application Status Update Interview Dates
September 2023 February 2023 Early March Late March-Mid April

The September 2023 application cycle will open in November 2022. 





Admission Requirements

The PharmD for Pharmacists program is designed to equip practicing pharmacists and recent graduates with the skills, knowledge, and experience to engage in an expanded scope of practice.

Pharmacists who meet any one of the three admission requirements listed below may apply for admission:

1.  You are a pharmacist who has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited (CCAPP) Canadian Pharmacy program or an accredited (ACPE) American Pharmacy program.

  • Students currently enrolled in a Canadian CCAPP accredited Bachelors’ program may apply in the final term of their program

2.  You are a pharmacist who is currently licensed to practice pharmacy in any Canadian jurisdiction (those licensed in Quebec only will be required to demonstrate English proficiency)

3.  You are a pharmacist who has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in Pharmacy from any International Pharmacy School AND have successfully completed the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) Evaluating Exam or the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalence Exam (FPGEE).

Not all candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be offered an interview in the application process or a position in the program.

The admissions process identifies the best possible candidates for the PharmD for Pharmacists program by assessing each applicant’s overall achievements, including those in academic and non-academic areas.

It is understood that current clinical practice and academic excellence are necessary, but not sufficient, to ensure success. A multitude of factors are used to determine the appropriateness of every candidate. As the applicant pool varies in qualifications, there will be an overlap in the distribution of applicants’ practice settings, clinical skills, GPAs, and other criteria in accepted and declined candidates.

Program Requirements
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Application Process
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Experiential Rotations
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