The Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee is a committee established under the authority of the Graduate Chair or Graduate Director of a Graduate Department, Centre, or Institute. This Committee constitutes part of the overall academic appeals procedures available to graduate students within the University of Toronto.

Within the overall academic appeals procedure, the Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee has a high level of discipline-specific academic expertise to judge the academic matters in an appeal. Therefore, this Committee plays a crucial role in the overall appeals procedure. This Committee may consider only academic matters. 

For details on the Committee and the Graduate Academic Appeals process, please visit Graduate Academic Appeals.

Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee (GDAAC) 2023-2024

Thompson, Alison

Chair, CSAP

Jack, Lisa

Graduate Program Assistant (ex officio)

Seto, Winnie Member, CSAP

Wells, Peter

Member, BMS

Wu, Shirley

Member, BMS

Cash, Sarah

Graduate Student Member, BMS


Alternate Graduate Student Member, CSAP