Successful candidates of the Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences are required to complete the following program requirements on either a full-time (within 3 years) or part-time (within 6 years) basis.

Graduate students must:

  • Select a program of study that provides the appropriate foundation for thesis research. This program depends on the student's background and is planned in consultation with a supervisor and advisory committee, with the approval of the graduate director.
  • Attend at least one research ethics workshop for graduate students.
  • Complete a minimum of 1.0 full-course equivalent (FCE).
  • Plan and attend yearly advisory committee meetings.  This meeting must take place before June 30 of each academic year.
  • Submit and present one poster presentation given to all faculty and graduate students at Graduate Research in Progress (GRIP).
  • Attend GRIP annually.
  • Present a final seminar during one’s thesis defense.
  • Develop a thesis based on an approved research problem in an area of pharmaceutical sciences. The student must complete all program requirements before proceeding to the thesis defense.

Additionally, graduate students must participate in the following departmental and student group seminars.

Student Group Seminars

Student Group Seminars give graduate students in specific areas of research an opportunity to meet regularly with their peers for presentations and discussions.


  • Students are required to attend at least 75% of Student Group Seminars, each academic year while they are enrolled in the program. If a student cannot attend a seminar, he/she must let the seminar coordinator and the Graduate Office know. Make-up work may be assigned.
  • Students must give a 20-30 minute oral presentation of their own research work as part of the Student Group Seminars, each academic year while they are enrolled in the program.

To assist in preparing for presentations, students are advised to seek the counsel of their supervisor.

Seminar Outlines

Graduate Departmental Seminars

Graduate Departmental Seminars provide students with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with different areas of research in pharmaceutical sciences and related fields, and assist them in communicating with professionals in these areas. Students are encouraged to attend the Graduate Departmental Seminars on a regular basis.


  • Students must attend a minimum of 8 Graduate Departmental Seminars per academic year, while they are enrolled in the program. 
  • Part-time students must attend a minimum of four Graduate Departmental Seminars per year while they are enrolled in the program.

*Program requirements are the same for graduate students completing the program on a full-time or part-time basis.

Seminar Outlines