The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy has developed a Certificate in Management, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship (MLE) for students interested in furthering their knowledge, skills, and confidence in these important and evolving areas of pharmacy practice.  This Certificate is open to all full-time Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) students.  Students will receive this Certificate by successfully completing the required course (PHM 215H) in year 2 and a minimum of three courses and/or designated APPE rotations in years 3 and 4. 


Enrollment Requirements

This certificate is available for all PharmD students. Students who are interested in obtaining the certifcate will need to request eligibility at the beginning of their third year of the PharmD program. 

To declare participation in the certificate program, please email

Please note:

  • Request for eligibility must be made prior to September 15 of the calendar year.
  • This certificate must be taken in conjunction with the PharmD program.
  • It is up to the student to ensure that all elective courses fit within their course schedule in order to complete the certificate.
  • Successful completion of the certificate is recorded on student transcripts.

Certificate Requirements

In order to obtain the certificate, students must successfully complete a total of 2.0 credits as follows:

1. Complete PHM 215H - Management Skills, Communication, and Collaboration (0.5 credits)

2. Three of the following elective courses (1.5 credits)

PHM 370H Community Pharmacy Management

A comprehensive program outlining the issues and topics which are critical in the successful operation of a community pharmacy practice including:  selection of organizational structures, demographic review, financial analysis, business plan development, purchasing and financing a community pharmacy, operational workflow, financial management, risk management and insurance, inventory purchasing procedures and inventory management, pricing decisions, marketing strategy, advertising, sales promotion and salesmanship, ethics, security and general business policies.  Building on the basic principles taught in PHM215H1, this course expands into a case based learning application of business administration which offer students exposure to Finance, Operations, Organizational Behaviour, Innovation and General Management as applied to the field of Pharmacy and Healthcare. The cases will provide students with the opportunity to develop skills for effective analysis, evaluation and problem-solving. To do this, students will learn about basic analytical tools (e.g., projections, break-evens, communication, organization theory) and will then be required to apply these tools using case methodology. Students will be given the opportunity to practice decision-making with imperfect information under time constraints and develop business writing skills. Preparation of a detailed business plan will also be a mandatory component for this course.

PHM 371H Institutional Pharmacy Management

This course builds on the principles taught in PHM215H1 Management: Skills, Communication and Collaboration with specific application to an institutional setting. By means of lectures and case discussions, students will gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required to successfully practice in a hospital environment. A focus of the course will be on critical thinking, problem solving and project management.

PHM 321H Selected Topics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

This course is designed to expose students to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, its environment, inner workings, and approach to engaging customers and stakeholders. The course outlines the business model of the industry and covers both drug development and commercialization, from international and Canadian perspectives. The course is intended to broaden the students’ understanding of the industry, introduce critical concepts and terminology, build confidence and prepare students who may seek a career in the industry.

PHM 327H Management, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship in Pharmacy

This one-week intensive course will provide students with knowledge, skills, and confidence to assume roles in pharmacy management and leadership, and to consider entrepreneurial opportunities aligned with their interests.

The course will focus on competencies and attitudes associated with success in management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. There will be a strong emphasis on self-reflection, application of theory, interactive case-based discussions, and simulations/role plays. Students in this course will be required to energetically engage with the course content and speakers to learn more about themselves, their potential, and the future opportunities that await them in the profession.

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) Rotation

One non-direct patient care elective rotation (5 week) identified as fulfilling Certificate requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to submit an application for the Certificate?

No application form is required for the Certificate. Students who are interested in the Certificate will need to request eligibility at the beginning of their 3rd year of the PharmD program. This should be done no later than September 15 of the eligible year. If the Certificate requirements are met, then the completion will be reflected on their transcript.

Is there a minimum grade point average (GPA) cut off to be included in the Certificate program?

There is no minimum GPA cutoff to be eligible to participate in the Certificate.

Are there any exceptions to the courses required for the certificate?

There are no exceptions to the courses at present for the courses required to be completed. All Certificate requirements outlined above must be completed in order to obtain the Certificate. 

What happens if I fail one of the required credits for the certificate?

Failure to successfully complete all required courses listed above will result in a forfeit of the Certificate.


For specific questions related to the Certificate, please email