School of Graduate Studies (SGS) General Regulations

All graduate students at the University of Toronto are accepted under the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). Below are some of the key policies that may be applicable during your studies.

If you have any question, feel free to reach out to the Graduate Office!

Program Time Limits

Each graduate unit establishes specific requirements for degree programs, in addition to those of the SGS, as well as standards of satisfactory performance and progress. At the Graduate Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, below are the established time limits. If students are not able to complete all program requirements within the time limit, Program Extension must be requested for approval.

Degree Program

Typical Program Length

Time Limit
MSc (Full-time) 2 years 3 years
MSc (Part-time) 4 years and 2 months 6 years
MScPhm (Full-time) 2 years 3 years
MScPhm (Part-time) 4 years 6 years
PhD (Full-time) 4 years 6 years
PhD direct-entry or transfer (Full-time) 5 years 7 years
PhD (Flex-time) 8 years 8 years

Doctoral Candidacy

To achieve candidacy (to be designated as a "doctoral candidate"), students in doctoral degree programs must complete all requirements for the degree exclusive of thesis research and courses. Candidacy must be achieved by the below deadlines. If students have not achieved candidacy by the deadline or have not requested an Extension to Achieve Candidacy, students will not be allowed to register beyond the deadline.

Doctoral Degree Program Categories

Time Limit to Achieve Candidacy

Doctoral, four-year program by end of Year 3
Doctoral, five-year program (direct-entry or transfer) by end of Year 4
Doctoral, flex-time by end of Year 4

Intellectual Property

The University believes that all contributors to the successful realization of new technologies and knowledge should share fairly and appropriately in the benefits. For details and further information, visit Intellectural Property Guidelines and Vice-President, Research & Innovation (VPRI).

Leave of Absence

Graduate students may apply for a one-session to three-session leave during their program of study for: a) serious health or personal problems which temporarily make it impossible to continue in the program; or b) parental leave by either parent at the time of pregnancy, birth or adoption, and/or to provide full-time care during the child's first year. Details are found on Leave of Absence Policy page.

Policies and Guidelines

Important SGS policies and guidelines affecting graduate students are included in the SGS Calendar. However, there are numerous additional policies and guidelines affecting graduate studies on the SGS website. Please review Policies & Guidelines for more information.