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The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy is located in the heart of the Toronto Discovery District, one of the most vibrant research ecosystems in North America.  Our research interests cover every aspect of the drug discovery process and the socioeconomic, ethical and safety implications of the use of medications. Our scientists are actively engaged in five overarching Research Areas that generate new knowledge across the spectrum of drug therapy.

Our scientists are catalysts for the discovery of novel therapeutic targets, new drugs, medical devices, diagnostic tests and new solutions to provide the safest, most effective and affordable therapies for patients and methodologies to foster pharmacy practice excellence.

Through our  Research Centers & Initiatives we are building research communities that bring together multidisciplinary teams working to provide breakthroughs in areas of common interest.

The Graduate Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers outstanding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students as well as post-doctoral and clinical fellows to pursue world-class research in the pharmaceutical sciences under the supervision of our leading researchers.

Explore our section of the website and learn more about how our research is moving science and health forward and advancing the frontiers of the pharmaceutical sciences.

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