Learning & Safety Abroad

By supporting students in understanding and mitigating the possible risks they may encounter, U of T Safety Abroad is dedicated to supporting safer student experiences abroad. Review the steps below to get started on learning more about what students are required to do in order to travel on university activity, and how U of T Safety Abroad can help.


Before travelling on university activity abroad, there are certain steps that you must complete.

*For travel to higher risk locations, see the “Travel Advisories”.


Yes, if you’re traveling on University Activity! Not sure if you’re traveling on university activity?

University activity is defined as any of the following:

  • Activity that is funded in part or in whole by the university
  • Activity that is organized, sanctioned, or administered by the university
  • Activity which provides participants with academic credit

If you have more questions, please contact the Safety Abroad Office at safety.abroad@utoronto.ca.

SGS Conference Grant

The SGS Conference Grant provides financial support to encourage eligible students to actively present their research at an academic conference during the early stages of their graduate studies.

Students may apply for an SGS Conference Grant to support conference presentations occurring – either virtually or in-person. For details, please see SGS Conference Grant – School of Graduate Studies.

Note: For conferences requiring international travel, students are expected to have registered their travel dates with the U of T Safety Abroad Office prior to commencing a grant application.

If you have more questions, please contact the SGS Financial Aid & Advising Office at conferencegrant@utoronto.ca.