Our pharmacy students and preceptors provide patients with the highest quality care. In order to maintain that standard, all students and staff must be prepared to respond to emergencies and/or to handle potentially dangerous substances and equipment. We have provided safety pre-placement checklists for use by our students that may be used in conjunction with required safety training and certification:

The following training and insurance are required by all students participating in our pharmacy programs. 

CPR & First Aid

Students must be certified in Standard First Aid and Level C or BLS CPR. Students must not let their CPR/First Aid certification expire throughout the duration of the entire EPE summer (i.e. Block 3) or APPE year (i.e. through Block 10).

  • Approved Ontario-based Standard First Aid and CPR Courses can be found here

Instructions for submitting this documentation will be provided to students at the beginning of each Academic year.

WSIB Coverage

The University is required to comply with government Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) policies related to student accident coverage during students’ unpaid placements.

If you have become ill and/or are injured due to an incident directly related to your experiential education placement, please email the Office of Experiential Education as soon as possible. 

Student Accident Insurance

For students who volunteer at worksites outside of required course and placements:

Students of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy are eligible for Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage of claims while on unpaid placements as required by their program of study. However, students who volunteer at a site at other times outside of the required placements would not be eligible for coverage. In these situations, a student may wish to consider the following: 

The Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) offers Student Accident Insurance to provide coverage similar to WSIB. The insurance is available to current members of OPA.