Seminar Coordinator

Dr. Tigran Chalikian - t.chalikian@utoronto.caDr. Shirley Wu -

2022-2023 Pharmaceutics & Biophysical Chemistry Group Seminar Series

  • Schedule for the student seminars is below. Please note the dates and times carefully.
  • Please send the titles and abstracts ONE week before to the talk for circulation to the group.
  • All Seminars will be in person. The seminars in the Fall Term (5 0ctober, 2 November, and 7 December 2022) will take place at 2.00-4.30 P. M. in PHM850. The seminars in the Winter Term (11 January, 1 February, 1 March, 5 April, and 3 May 2023) will take place at 11.30 A. M.-2.00 P. M. in PHM1210.
  • Talks can be 25-30 min duration including questions, and please do stay within the time limits.
  • All other things can follow the Guidelines circulated earlier, for PBC Seminars.
  • Contact the seminar coordinators, if you have any questions.

Seminar Schedule


5 October 2022

Ibrahim Alradwan

Ho Yin Lip

Lutan Liu

Nabeel Tariq

2 November 2022

Nicole Christine Lagace


7 December 2022

Brian Lu

Sako Mirzaie

Erika Lozano Perez

Tin Yo Yen

11 January 2023

Xiaojing Ge

Fule Liu

Elliya Park

Pei Zhi

1 February 2023

Diana Morales Castro

Somin Park

Abdulmottaleb Zetrini

Xunig Zhang

1 March 2023

Shannon Nicole Tsai

Kevin Wang

Cindy Marie Wozniczka

Tiana Loan Young

5 April 2023

Taksim Ahmed

Hao Han Chang

Aleksa Golubovic

Yi (Lily) Li

3 May 2023

Samira Baghbanbari

Arees Garabet

Betty Li