Alumni Undergraduate Award

The Pharmacy Alumni Association has established an award for a student entering Third Year who has  contributed to student activities in Second Year. Candidates are recommended by the Undergraduate  Pharmacy Society. Academic performance must be at least Second Class Honours.

Corbett Scholarship

The late H. Milton Corbett established the Corbett Scholarship in the amount of the income on $5,000. It is to be awarded to a student who obtains First Class Honours standing in the annual examinations of Second Year and who has not received an award of greater value.

Dina Dichek Pharmacotherapy Scholarship

Dina Dichek is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Pharmacy (7T0). She has practiced pharmacy in many different roles:  in hospitals, in community settings, for national pharmacy organizations, for the U of T, in government and as a consultant. She has  mentored, precepted and/or supervised numerous Pharmacy students, interns and new graduates.  The Dina Dichek Pharmacotherapy Scholarship is awarded to the Year 2 student with the highest overall standing in Pharmacotherapy 2: Self-Care Perspective and Pharmacotherapy (PHM201H1), Pharmacotherapy 3: Endocrinology, Nephrology and Urology (PHM202H1), Pharmacotherapy 4: Infectious  Diseases (PHM203H1), and Pharmacotherapy 5: Cardiovascular Diseases (PHM204H1). The recipient must also achieve First Class Honours in Year 2 of the Doctor of Pharmacy Program.

Erast R. Huculak Award for Academic Excellence and Community Services

Erast Huculak was born in Ukraine in 1930.  He immigrated to Canada in 1948 and despite linguistic and other challenges, completed his degree in Pharmacy at the University of British Columbia. Moving to Ontario, he founded and presided over Medical Pharmacies, a retail pharmacy chain that soon became one of the largest providers of pharmaceuticals to Long Term Care in Canada. His professional success enabled him to engage in many humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors for which he was recognized with numerous awards, including three Honourary Doctorate degrees and in 2006, the Order of Canada.  While never forgetting and always helping his native Ukraine, Erast frequently expressed his appreciation for the opportunities Canada provided him and vigorously advocated for giving back to community and country.  The Erast R. Huculak Award for Academic Excellence and Community Service is presented to a student registered in Year 2 of the PharmD program who has achieved academic excellence with an annual Grade Point Average of at least 3.30; and has demonstrated community involvement and volunteer experience outside of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy.  The award will not be given if a suitable candidate is not identified. 

5T4 Award

The Pharmacy Class of 5T4 has established this award to be given to a student entering the Third Year in Pharmacy who has at least a B academic standing which has been most improved over the First Year record.

Hunter Family Award

Michael Hunter is a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy and currently is the owner of Hunter’s Pharmacy Ltd. in Windsor, Ontario.  He established an award which is to be given to the student in Year 2 of the undergraduate program who achieves the highest final grade in PHM241H1 Topics in Pharmaceutical Quality and Clinical Laboratory Medicine (i.e., a course that requires demonstration of compounding skills), and has not won an award of greater value.

Kassel Family Scholarship

The family and friends of Max Kassel, who passed away in 1974, established a scholarship in his honour.  The Kassel Family Scholarship is awarded to the student who obtains the highest standing in First Class Honours at the annual examinations of the Second year, and who has not received an award of greater value.

Bill Parish Memorial Award

The Class of 1957 has established an award in tribute to the spirit that was Bill Parish, a member  of the class. The award shall be given to a Second Year student who has been recognized as having contributed significantly to the professional, athletic and student life during that year. The point system of the Undergraduate Pharmacy Society, which embraces the above principles, will be used in selecting the winner.

Procter & Gamble – J. Marvin Shaw Scholarship

Procter & Gamble Inc. provides a scholarship to be awarded to the student who stands first in First Class Honours at the annual examinations of the Second Year.

Jack H. Stein Award

The family of Jack H. Stein, Class of 5T2, has established this award in his honour. The award will be presented to a student, preferably from Essex County, who achieves at least Second Class Honours in PHM215H1 Management: Skills, Communication and Collaboration, and who has demonstrated participation in extra-curricular activities.

Fred W. Teare Memorial Scholarship

Family and friends of the late Fred W. Teare established this scholarship in his honour and memory. Dr. Teare was a member of the professorial staff of the Faculty from 1957 to his retirement in 1990. He taught in the area of instrumental analysis, analytical and clinical toxicology, and
radio-pharmacy. He was an active member of many committees within the Faculty, and professional organizations. This scholarship is awarded to the student who obtains the highest grade in PHM241H1 Topics in Pharmaceutical Quality and Clinical Laboratory Medicine.

Undergraduate Pharmacy Society Award

This award, established by the Undergraduate Pharmacy Society, is given to a Year 2 student who has made a significant contribution to the undergraduate student life over the past year and who has  not held
ear. Nominations are made by each class, are approved by UPS, and are forwarded to the Faculty’s Awards Committee for final selection.