EDI Working Group Meeting Highlights

Highlights from the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group Meeting:

EDI Working Group Terms of Reference

An Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Working Group at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy (LDFP) has been established to develop an EDI strategy and draft Terms of Reference for an EDI Standing Committee at LDFP to support a healthy learning and work environment for all members of Faculty.

The strategy is expected to provide recommendations on:

  • The development of a Statement of Commitment which will provide a framework for the development of an EDI strategy for the Faculty.
  • Development of EDI training opportunities for all members of our community to address issues of unconscious bias, mistreatment and implementation of EDI into practice
  • Incorporation of the principles of EDI in our recruitment and career advancement practices with regards to faculty, staff and students
  • Ensuring the makeup of our committees and decision-making bodies is inclusive and works to reflect the diversity of our department
  • Engagement opportunities within the University of Toronto and broader communities to promote EDI within pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences
  • Assuring that our programs and curricula prepare our graduates to meet the needs of the diverse communities they will serve in their careers in Canada and around the world.
  • A data strategy to collect, maintain and interpret data on EDI
  • Developing a mechanism/framework for feedback and complaints process within the Faculty


The Working Group will be co-chaired by a faculty member with the rank of Professor and member of the professional manager staff complement.

There are to be between 8-12 members of the Working Group with at least the following constituencies represented:

  • undergraduate students
  • graduate students
  • BMS tenure stream faculty
  • CSAP tenure stream faculty
  • teaching stream faculty
  • professional managers
  • unionized staff
  • communications (ex-officio)

The Working Group will also seek to include one alumni member, one member from an external professional pharmacy organization and one member from an external pharmaceutical sciences organization.

Appointment Process

The co-chairs will be appointed by the Dean. Faculty and staff membership will be determined based on responses to a broad invitation asking for interested people to indicate interest in joining this Working Group and then adjudication of responses to promote diversity across the membership compliment. Student leadership groups will be asked to appoint members to the group. External members will be invited to participate in the Working Group by the Dean.


The Working Group will report to the Dean of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. The Working Group will also provide an update to the LDFP community every 4 months to promote awareness and engagement on the evolving EDI work at LDFP.

Term of Work

The Working Group will be constituted in April 2021 and provide a report to the Dean by January 31, 2022.

Meetings and Administrative Processes

The Working Group will meet approximately monthly over 2021-22 with meeting frequently reduced at various times of the year (e.g. summer). The Working Group will be supported with administrative assistance provided by the Dean’s Office. Administrative Support will include booking of meetings, meeting notes, meeting follow-up, document management, member communication, and assistance with report formatting/referencing.