Lab Spring Cleaning

Disposing old samples  Disposing old samples from students/PDFs that have moved on  Consult PI for information of the contents and follow bucket list for proper disposal 
Tidying cold rooms Perform a scan to ensure that the items stored there are not starting to get mouldy.  All stored items should be marked with the laboratory’s name and stored in plastic containers.
Defrosting freezers Please contact Nirmal (x8-2876) to book the backup -80°C for your defrosting needs. We ask that you please complete the process within 3 days.
Disposing old equipment Disposing old equipment that is not functional and/or longer useful  remove from benches/shelves to help us stay in compliance.  Decontaminate and then place the safe to remove tag ( and bring to loading dock. If the item is a capital asset (originally cost over $5K), then please also add this form: and notify Nina Marelli (x8-5182).

With the warmer weather finally here please remember summer lab safety rules:

  • No open-toed shoes or sandals are permitted in the lab (ever).
  • One-glove policy is always in effect: When moving between laboratories always ensure that you have one hand that is bare when touching the door handle.
  • Eye wash stations: Every eye wash station is required to have documentation detailing the dates on which the eye wash was flushed (minimum monthly, but weekly is recommended).  Please find a customizable template to download and place near each station.  These records need to be kept as proof of compliance.
    (Example of calendar template)