Academic Appointments

  1. Types of Academic Appointments
    – Graduate Appointments
  2. Application Process for Status, Adjunct, Cross-Appointed and Visiting Faculty
  3. Application Process – Renewals/Promotions
  4. Contact and submissions information

1.    Types of Academic Appointments:

There are four types of academic appointments available in the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy.


Individuals being considered for Status-only positions should normally hold full-time employment arrangements with another institution with a job description that is primarily academic (research and teaching) in nature.  Most often, Status-only appointments may be granted to qualified employees of affiliated hospitals, research institutions, agencies with collaborative agreements with the University of Toronto, or other universities.

Status–only appointments are non-salaried and normally receive no remuneration from the University of Toronto; however, remuneration may be paid to their institution.  Such appointments are normally made to allow a faculty member from another university or a qualified individual from an appropriate institution to participate more fully in an academic unit’s teaching or research program.  Status-only appointees have certain privileges through their appointment (e.g. they can be recommended for graduate appointment and are eligible to apply for research funding).


Faculty who hold an academic appointment in another University of Toronto department may hold a Cross-Appointment in the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy.  Generally your first academic appointment is your primary appointment and subsequent academic appointments at U of T become ‘cross-appointments’.

Adjunct Faculty

Individuals who are employed elsewhere in a position that is not primarily academic in nature, who have special skills or learning of value to a division and who may provide services for which recognition is desirable may be appointed as an Adjunct faculty member. Appointments can be made as either Adjunct Professor or Adjunct Lecturer.  The Adjunct Professor designation is reserved for specific individuals of distinction and exemplary achievement.  Adjunct faculty who are given appointments to participate in the Faculty’s educational activities are given Adjunct Lecturer appointments.  Adjunct appointees will not normally be the principal investigator on research funds administered by the University, but may be a co-investigator on a grant held by a full-time or status-only faculty member at the University of Toronto.  Adjunct faculty may be remunerated for services.

Visiting Professor

Faculty from other universities and research institutes who hold continuing appointments in their home institutions may be appointed to the Faculty as a Visiting Professor.  Visiting faculty may be appointed to Graduate Departments in accordance with the policies of the School of Graduate Studies.  Visiting Professors are not normally eligible to apply for research grants.

Download the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Guidelines for External Appointments PDF.
2.    Application Process for Status, Cross-Appointed, Adjunct, and Visiting Faculty

If you are interested in an academic appointment in the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy you should submit the following documents. (Submission deadlines for new and renewal applications are October 15th and March 15th each year)

Application for New Academic Appointment

  • CV
  • Application for New Academic Appointment form
  • Letter of support from Employer
  • Letter of support from University of Toronto Departmental Chair (for Cross-Appointments)
  • Letter of support from nominating LDFP faculty member*

*NOTE: the letter of support should be from someone with a research stream (Assistant/Associate/Full Professor) or teaching stream (Lecturer or Assistant/Associate Professor, Teaching Stream) appointment at the LDFP and should specify the types of contributions the appointee will make to the Faculty’s academic program. Contributions can include teaching, research and service.

Applications for Visiting Professors are accepted at any time and should be submitted a minimum of 6 months in advance of anticipated start.
3.    Renewal/Promotion Process for Status, Cross-Appointed, Adjunct, and Visiting Faculty

Application packages for appointment renewal should include the following:

Application for Academic Appointment Renewal

  • Updated CV
  • Application for Renewal of Academic Appointment Form
  • Letter of support from Employer
  • Letter of support from University of Toronto Departmental Chair (for Cross-Appointments)

4.    Contact and Submission Information:

Applications should be submitted electronically to  If you are unable to apply electronically applications should be submitted to:

Office of the Dean
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Toronto
144 College Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3M2