In this area our teams are elucidating the biochemical and cellular basis of human diseases and the molecular mechanisms underlying drug action and their targets.

Our investigation of disease mechanisms provides insights into identification of novel therapeutic targets for which small molecules or biologics are being developed. Research is directed towards the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the function of therapeutic targets, correcting the target using gene therapy, and the intracellular signalling pathways they control and the mechanistic study of drug action. Approaches incorporate human studies, patient-derived samples and animal models of disease. Our research teams are interested in several human diseases or conditions including drug addiction, autism, diabetes, cancer, genetic disorders, infectious diseases, and neurological diseases.


Research News

Faces of PharmSci: Celene Titus

PhD student Celene Titus is working in the field of HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Impairments (NCI) and brain inflammation to improve HIV patients' quality of life and deepen our understanding of brain inflammation in HIV infection.
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