Our program works with preceptors from a wide variety of practice sites to offer students experiential learning rotations after their first year (Early Practice Experience or EPE-1), after their second year (EPE-2) and throughout their final year (Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience or APPE).


Library Cards for APPE and EPE-2 Preceptors

APPE and EPE-2 Preceptors will have access to University of Toronto Libraries only during the APPE academic year in which they precept an APPE student. New preceptors can access their library barcode via CORE ELMS. Instructions on accessing the library will be emailed to new preceptors. Returning preceptors’ library card access will be renewed in each year that they continue to take students.

Please email oee.phm@utoronto.ca if you have any questions about your library access.


Academic Concerns

Each experiential course is coordinated by one or more faculty members. Please contact oee.phm@utoronto.ca to be connected with the relevant faculty member for any academic course issues.