Medications are essential to life. They ensure you, your family and friends live longer, healthier lives. At the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy medication therapy is at the heart of everything we do.

By supporting our Faculty you support the discovery of new drugs and drug delivery systems. You ensure our students gain the leading-edge knowledge and skills necessary to help Canadians get the most out of their medications. Your drive educational programs and pharmacy practice innovations that revolutionize patient care across the world.

Your donation ensures we can:

  • Provide cutting-edge education as the top Faculty of Pharmacy in Canada and top five in the world.
  • Provide students with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills that go far beyond what can be obtained in the lab or classroom through our Shaping Student Life and Learning Fund.
  • Offer 2,000+ experiential rotations a year, including international rotations, to ensure our students get the practical experience they need to be job ready.
  • Answer the compelling need to develop new and improved diagnostics tools and treatments for cancer through our Centre for Pharmaceutical Oncology.
  • Generate and utilize leading-edge medication management research and innovation to drive educational programs and practice that revolutionize patient care through our Centre for Practice Excellence.
  • Attract and train the pharmaceutical scientists of the future, in partnership with our Centres, through offering specialized courses, intensive research training, as well as student grants and fellowships.

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For more information, please contact Susan Drodge, Director of Advancement at 416-978-6749 or

Student Awards

To say you graduated from the University of Toronto’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy has always meant that you graduated from one of the top pharmacy faculties in the world. However, one thing that drastically differentiates students entering our Faculty today is the cost of a pharmacy education. Since the 1990’s, the cost of a pharmacy education has risen dramatically in step with declining government funding. To support the growth of the next generation of pharmacists, financial assistance for our students is our top priority. Accessible excellence is also a core value at the University of Toronto. The majority of first-year Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) recipients at our university come from households with parental incomes of less than $60,000 per year. Today, U of T supports more students from lower-income households and allots more dollars from our operating budget to bursaries and scholarships than any other Ontario university.

Accessible excellence at U of T is built on a legacy of student support provided by alumni and friends. With the support of our donors, we offer two types of student awards at both the undergraduate and graduate level:

  1. Scholarship/Merit-Based Awards – Financial awards given to student based on a number of potential criteria including general academic achievement, achievement in a course or series of courses; extra-curricular activities, and contributions to the Faculty and the profession.
  2. Bursaries – Financial awards that are primarily based on need, but may also involve academic achievement and other criteria.

Student awards range from covering a portion of tuition to covering the entire cost of tuition and living expenses.

For more information, please contact Susan Drodge, Director of Advancement at 416-978-6749 or

Annual Giving

There are a number of ways to contribute to the Annual Fund including: monthly donations, payroll deductions, gifts of securities or one-time annual gifts. Our Annual Funds include the Shaping Student Life and Learning Fund, the Research Fund, The Centre for Practice Excellence, and the Centre for Pharmaceutical Oncology.

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Planned Giving

After you have taken care of the needs of your family, a gift in your will is the ideal way for you to leave your legacy at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. Your planned gift can be structured in a variety of ways and may provide a significant tax advantage for your estate. Planned gifts can include bequests, retirement funds, stocks and securities, gifts-in-kind, charitable remainder trusts, gifts of residual interest and life insurance.

We are dedicated to finding the most efficient, personally advantageous method for each donor to make his or her gift. If you are considering a planned gift, we recommend you do so in consultation with your financial planner and/or legal counsel.

For more information, please contact Susan Drodge, Director of Advancement at 416-978-6749 or