Candidates with Previous Education in Pharmacy 

All qualified candidates are welcome to apply to our PharmD program and all are considered within the same applicant pool. Candidates who are currently pharmacy students, or who have been enrolled in a pharmacy program in the past, should note that there are no direct transfers to our program.  All candidates wishing to gain admissions consideration must comply with all published requirements, procedures and deadlines and will be considered for admission to Year 1 of our four-year PharmD program. 

In addition to the published requirements and regardless of other academic credentials and/or work/personal experience, candidates with previous registration in a Pharmacy program must have been in good standing during the most recent session/year of the Pharmacy program to be eligible for admission consideration.

  • If offered admission, candidates who have successfully completed one or more years of a Pharmacy program at a recognized institution may be considered for course exemption on a case-by-case basis, up to the maximum allowable number of exemptions/transfer credits. This assessment is done after admission is granted.  
  • Due to the differences in course material and sequencing in pharmacy programs, direct entry into any upper year is not possible.  Any candidate offered admission should expect to begin their studies in Year 1 of the program and will need to complete the four-year program in order to graduate.  A slightly reduced course load is possible in years in which exemption (transfer credit) is awarded; however, the total length of study remains 4 years.
  • There are no exemptions from the experiential components of our program. In the unlikely event an admitted candidate was granted exemption for all Year 1 courses, they would still be required to complete EPE1 (Early Practice Experience) before proceeding to Year 2.
  • The maximum number of allowable course exemptions for any candidate is 9.0 full-credit equivalents.  However, a full-course load (minimum of 4.0 FCEs) must be maintained in any given year and, therefore, exemption may need to be forfeited in one or more years to maintain the required minimum course load per year.

Candidates Who Have Graduated from a Pharmacy Degree Program 

  • Candidates who have graduated from a pharmacy degree program who wish to become licensed in Canada must follow the procedures as set out by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC).  If your credentials are recognized you will be allowed to write the relevant Board Exams (Evaluating and/or Qualifying Exam). For more information on this process, please visit the PEBC website.
    Note that the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy does not conduct evaluation of international pharmacy degrees.
  • If you are an international Pharmacy graduate, and your credentials are recognized and you have been successful on the PEBC Evaluating Exam, you may consider applying to our International Pharmacy Graduate (IPG) Program. The IPG Program is a unique best practices bridging program designed to assist pharmacists trained in countries outside Canada to meet Canadian entry-to-practice standards.
  • Alternately, candidates who have completed a recognized Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BScPhm) degree, or equivalent (e.g. BPharm), and who have successfully passed the PEBC Evaluating Exam (where relevant), may wish to consider our PharmD for Pharmacists program.  The PharmD for Pharmacists program at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy is a bridging program designed to bridge the gap between a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy education (from Canada or elsewhere) and an entry-to-practice PharmD program.  Practicing pharmacists, graduates of the Faculty's Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy program, graduates of other Canadian BScPhm programs, as well as internationally trained pharmacists are eligible to apply for admission to the PharmD for Pharmacists program.  For more information, please visit the PharmD for Pharmacists program page.
  • If you are an International Pharmacy graduate and have attempted, but have not been successful in, the Evaluating Exam you may consider applying as a Special/Non-Degree Student for individual courses offered within the PharmD program.  To request the Special/Non-Degree Student application package please email with subject line 'Special Student request'.  The Faculty does not offer any courses geared specifically for candidates who have not been successful in the Evaluating Exam, and therefore candidates should first work with the PEBC to identify the proper courses or alternative methods of upgrading.
  • Only if you completed a Pharmacy program that was not recognized by PEBC, or if you were unsuccessful within the maximum number of attempts at the Evaluating Exam, would it be necessary to apply to the PharmD program as a regular degree student.  In this case, you must qualify for admission to our PharmD program by meeting all published admission requirements, including academic subject requirements completed within 10 years of the year of which application is made. Non-academic requirements (e.g. meeting minimum thresholds in the Casper test and the online Individual Assessment) must also be met, in addition to English facility requirements (where applicable in the individual case. 


Candidates Who Have Completed a Pharmacy Technician or Pharmacy Assistant Program

  • Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacy Assistant programs do not meet the academic requirements for admission or transfer credit purposes to our PharmD program. Graduates of these programs must supplement their studies with university level study.  For further information  please contact our office at providing details of your academic record and any university transfer credit awarded.