Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy with Anna Taddio

Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy launches animated video to help build vaccine confidence

With the COVID-19 vaccination campaign ramping up, the role of pharmacists and pharmacies continues to grow. Addressing questions related to the vaccine is one important area where pharmacists — and health professionals broadly can help.

“Vaccines are a key strategy for stopping the pandemic and allowing society to return to pre-pandemic conditions, but many Canadians are wary of the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Anna Taddio, Professor in the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and senior associate scientist at SickKids Hospital.

Taddio believes that clear communication is critical to addressing COVID-19 vaccine concerns. That's why she teamed-up with the LDFP Communications Office to develop an animated video that addresses questions about how the COVID-19 vaccine works, the risks of delaying vaccination, and why people have concerns about vaccines in the first place. It’s intended to serve as a public service announcement that can help viewers feel more confident about getting vaccinated.

“Research shows that vaccine confidence is below where we would like it to be. We are vaccine advocates and want to help answer some of the common questions Canadians have about COVID-19 and vaccination,” said Taddio, who is also a member of the Faculty’s intra-professional working group that developed a COVID-19 vaccine curriculum.

“Equipping Canadians with accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine is crucial. Our pharmacy community can help provide information across our networks and practice sites about vaccine risks and benefit and reduce complacency.”

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