Portraits of Preceptors Andrea Beaman, Jasneet Dulai and Beth McMullen

Andrea Beaman, Jasneet Dulai and Beth McMullen recognized for outstanding teaching and mentorship during advanced practice rotations.

The Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotations are key learning experiences for Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) students at U of T’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. These rotations, which take place during a student’s fourth and final year of the program, provide practical experience in a variety of professional settings that include direct and non-direct patient care.

Preceptors are essential to these learning experiences, providing training, support, and mentorship throughout the rotations.

Each year, more than 900 preceptors for both early and advanced rotations supervise students at more than 400 rotation sites. Approximately 1,900 APPE rotations are completed, representing hundreds of thousands of hours of practical learning experience.

“Experiential training is an essential component of our PharmD program, and preceptors are such an important part of supporting and guiding students as they apply their knowledge and skills in real world from pharmacy practice,” says Natalie Crown, Director of the PharmD program. “Exceptional preceptors create safe spaces for learning, give regular and meaningful feedback, and serve as strong role models for practice.”

Preceptor Andrea Beaman

Andrea Beaman,
Trillium Health Partners Credit Valley Hospital 

Working with students is rewarding. I appreciate their interest in learning drug information topics and practicing critical appraisal skills, and I find each rotation is an opportunity for me to learn something new or refresh my knowledge on a topic. 

I'm so honoured to have been nominated and grateful that the students felt that their time with me was rewarding for them and worthy of this recognition. I know there are so many excellent preceptors providing students with amazing clinical and non-clinical experiences who are equally worthy of recognition.

Preceptor Jasneet Dulai

Jasneet Dulai,
Whole Health Pharmacy Partners

I enjoy mentoring and teaching students to develop and hone their clinical and technical skills. It is a very rewarding feeling watching their journey over the course of their rotation as they grow into their own practice. Every student's journey looks different but watching them gain confidence in themselves over the weeks is always a nice feeling. I always feel proud when they step into a leadership role and lead the pharmacy team in their own way.

It means a lot to me that my students felt that I should be recognized with this award. I was a student not too long ago and being mentored by my preceptors shaped me into the pharmacist I am today. I am a preceptor because I want to be that supportive push for another future pharmacy leader. 

Preceptor Beth McMullen

Beth McMullen,
Shoppers Drug Mart #964

I love being a part of training students because it is a way for me to give back to the profession that has given so much to me. I truly was meant to be a pharmacist, and I love to show the next generation all I can about being a great pharmacist. I think being a preceptor is a two-way street: I learn something from each student, and I believe they learn from me. I don't have to have all the answers, but I can direct students where to find the answers, or we can discover together. 

I am beyond words to be honoured this way in receiving this award. As I said, I learn something from each student and being nominated by the students for this award let's me know that I am giving them valuable information. 

Thank you also to these outstanding preceptors who were recognized by students as exceptional mentors this year:

Byron Tsang

Lakeridge Health Port Perry

Cindy Mah

Trillium Health Partners - Credit Valley Hospital

Fulbert Fu

Trillium Health Partners - Mississauga Hospital

Grace Tang

Trillium Health Partners-Queensway Health Centre

Jennifer Wang

Toronto General Hospital

Joey Wong

Rexall Pharmacy #6938- Brampton Civic Hospital

Rita Hanna

Credit Valley Family Health Team

Slava Zlydennyy

Markland Wood Pharmacy

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