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In collaboration with the University of Toronto’s Global University Initiative, the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy is pleased to announce a new certificate available to all Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) students interested in furthering their knowledge in Global Health and Indigenous Studies.

The new Certificate in Global Studies in Pharmacy will introduce students to foundational competencies in global health education while gaining experience working with diverse, vulnerable populations across the province and the globe.

“From student groups like the ‘Global Medicine Initiative’ and ‘Pharmacy Awareness of Indigenous Health’ to faculty member involvement with the World Health Organization, our Faculty has a long-standing history of involvement with global health research, education and practice,” says Tom Brown, Associate Professor and Global University Lead at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy.

“This certificate answers a desire from our students to further specialize in this important area, and differentiate themselves upon graduation.”

The new certificate is available to all PharmD students entering their third year, and was created in collaboration with the Global University Initiative at the University of Toronto. Students will have the opportunity to further their knowledge of global health through several elective courses, such as ‘Global Pharmaceutical Policy’ or ‘Indigenous Health,’ along with an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) focused on global health in their fourth year.

“With the world being as connected as it is, global health education allows pharmacy students to have a greater understanding of the ethics, cross-cultural values and communication involved in global health,” says Shreeya Thakrar, a fourth year pharmacy student at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy.

“The opportunity for students to focus their learning towards a number of different areas related to global health will result in skills that can be applied at any scale, even locally, to patients and communities for better patient care.”

Learn more about the new Certificate in Global Health in Pharmacy and the Global University Initiative at the University of Toronto.

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