2021 APPE Preceptors of the Year Gallery

Preceptors of the Year provide range of professional experiences to pharmacy students

Four preceptors supervising students at U of T’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy have been recognized as the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) Preceptors of the Year. Roya Askarian-Monavvari, Christina Ma, Anjana Sengar and Mina Tadrous provided students with a wide range of professional experiences that included traditional and non-traditional pharmacy practice.

APPE rotations are a critical part of PharmD students’ final year and the PharmD for Pharmacists program, allowing them to gain practical knowledge and experience and exposing them to a diverse range of careers in pharmacy.

The APPE Preceptors of the Year Awards recognize preceptors who demonstrate a commitment to excellence, both in teaching their students and in their pharmacy practice. Students nominate the preceptor, and colleagues or supervisors can provide additional nominations. The awardees are then chosen by a selection committee.

“Experiential rotations are a vital part of our curriculum,” says Debbie Kwan, preceptor education and engagement coordinator and assistant professor, teaching stream. “So many of our preceptors dedicate time above and beyond their workday to ensure that students receive an optimal learning experience, and we are grateful for their continued commitment to the education of our students.”

Roya Askarian-Monavvari

Roya Askarian-Monavvari,

Roya Boutique Pharmacy 

Students said that Askarian-Monavvari, a community pharmacist in North York, provided a rotation that increased their knowledge of and confidence in community practice. She provided a supportive learning environment that included role-playing of patient counselling sessions and constructive feedback. Her nominators said that, throughout the rotation, Askarian-Monavvari emphasized the importance of fully counselling patients on their medication and providing patient-centred care.

“Teaching is a passion, and we need to tailor this skill to the needs of the student and make it a unique and enjoyable experience. . . . This year, despite being concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic, my goal was to leave a legacy that helps build a better and more equitable tomorrow, and that made me more motivated than ever to teach our future colleagues. Every day, witnessing the improvement of our students and building confidence in them was a big dose of endorphins.” — Roya Askarian-Monavvari

Christina Ma

Christina Ma,

Rexall Pharmacy #1974 

Students noted that Ma, a community pharmacist in Toronto, took their learning goals seriously and helped them achieve these goals, offering constructive and respectful feedback. She provided students with the knowledge to counsel on over-the-counter medications and involved them in various aspects of patient care. Students also valued her patient-centred approach, which one student noted was a strong model for them to emulate in future practice.

“When I was a student, my preceptor was a great influence and made a lasting impact on me that I will remember forever. With my passion for teaching, I knew I wanted to make a similar impact on the next generation of pharmacists. I love the opportunity to see students grow, develop and reach their full potential. . . . In precepting, you work with your students very closely and try to help set them up for success in their careers and personal journeys. Receiving this award makes me happy to know above all else that my students feel fulfilled in their learning experience, as that's the most important thing for me.” — Christina Ma

Anjana Sengar

Anjana Sengar,

Trillium Health Partners

As a resource pharmacist and chair of the research ethics board at Trillium Health Partners, Sengar was able to offer a unique clinical research rotation. Nominators said that Sengar is a strong mentor and coach who got her students involved in studies and exposed them to every step of the research process to gain practical experience. They noted that her coaching helped them feel confident in their abilities to participate in future research projects.

“I enjoy watching learners develop their research skills and seeing the difference in their self-confidence from the beginning of the rotation to the end. It’s extremely satisfying to be part of that growth journey. . . . To be recognized by students is a wonderful feeling. I selfishly precept because it helps me grow as an individual, regardless of how many years of experience I have. To be recognized lets me know that, to some degree, I am inspiring a future generation to do the same.” — Anjana Sengar 

Mina Tadrous

Mina Tadrous,

Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

Tadrous led a non-traditional pharmacy rotation focused on research examining drug policies and real-world safety and effectiveness, and many of the students published papers with Tadrous based on the research done during the rotation. Students noted that Tadrous was an enthusiastic and supportive preceptor who is committed to helping students achieve their goals for the rotation. They noted that he provided valuable exposure to different opportunities, such as connecting students with other pharmacy professionals in non-traditional practice, to further their professional development.

“There is an exciting energy that comes from having students around. They ask great questions and make me re-analyze the way I look at things. I have found this wonderfully useful for my research and it gave my work a much-needed extra boost of energy. . . . As a preceptor, you would be surprised what you have to offer. For a long-time I worried I was not ‘ready’ to take on students. I quickly realized that, even as a junior, my experience and work still offer the students a unique experience.” — Mina Tadrous


Honourable Mentions - Congratulations to the following preceptors!
  • Alex Hone
  • Alexander Mok
  • Amandeep Uppal
  • Andrew Yeh
  • Anna Bowes
  • Ashley Graham
  • Barbara Farrel
  • Bechara Haddad
  • Beth McMullen
  • Caroline Warnock
  • Catherine Chung
  • Certina Ho
  • Christopher Lee
  • Christine Peragine
  • Christy Cheung
  • Colby Weichel
  • Derek Ho
  • Dorothy Tscheng
  • Elena Nazvitch
  • Erika Martire
  • Geoffrey Saroea
  • Ian Stewart
  • Jag Maghera
  • James Kim
  • Jaspreet Nijjar
  • Jeffrey Rodrigues
  • Jenny Soroka-Roumiantsev
  • Jie (Jessica) Zhao
  • Jonathan Nhan
  • Kenny Tan
  • Kyrollos Maseh
  • Linda Plong
  • Lingxi Li
  • Manjit Hansra
  • Michael Gouda
  • Monica Gautam
  • Muhammad Zuberi
  • Noreen Jamal
  • Pearl Le
  • Radmila Nikolic
  • Ranjeev Sandhu
  • Richard Lee
  • Rocky Swanson
  • Rui Su
  • Sadiya Rokerya
  • Shashi Moodley
  • Tamara Milicevic
  • Taranom Movahedi
  • Walid Aldoori
  • Wayne Chun
  • Yoko Mitchell
  • Yuye (Daphane) Fang


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