The Centre for Practice Excellence (CPE) equips students and practitioners with the skills and confidence to move science and health forward and to give patients the best possible care. We believe that all health care and treatment should be patient-focused, supported by proven procedures and research practices. Our goal is to continue to improve the healthcare system by enhancing patient care and improving patient outcomes.

Led by Professor Zubin Austin (The Murray B. Koffler Chair in Pharmacy Management) and Lisa Dolovich (the Ontario College of Pharmacists Professorship in Pharmacy Practice), the Centre is ideally located in the heart of Canada’s leading faculty of pharmacy and within one of the largest academic health science complexes in the world. The objectives of the CPE are embedded in the strategic priorities of the LDFP 2022-2027 Emerge, Thrive, and Lead Academic Plan, with an emphasis on growing our scientific impact and knowledge translation by highlighting current and emerging pharmacy practice research and innovations through the CPE.


To enhance the health of patients and communities through the best use of medications.


To generate and utilize leading-edge medication management research and innovation to drive educational programs and practice that revolutionize patient care.


  1. To conduct research and develop innovations related to medication management
    1. To develop a research infrastructure to generate and disseminate evidence;
  2. Based on research findings and successful innovations, develop educational programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate level to support practitioners in medication management
    1. To create interprofessional education programs at the undergraduate and post-graduate level for clinicians involved in medication management;
  3. Based on research findings and successful innovations, establish best practices models for implementation of sustainable and financially viable medication management services;
  4. Based on research findings and successful innovations, generate evidence to support informed policy- and decision-making based on research and innovation activities.


Steering Committee

The CPE Steering Committee supports the CPE by providing strategic guidance on the CPE’s research and scholarship activities, supporting the promotion and expansion of the CPE network across its pharmacy and healthcare constituencies, and identifying relevant and critical needs in the profession that support CPE programming, reach, and impact. Our Steering Committee members include:

  • Zubin Austin (Co-Chair) (PhD, MISc, MEd, MBA, BScPhm)
  • Lisa Dolovich (Co-Chair) (PharmD, MSc, BScPhm)
  • Della Croteau, (MCEd, BSP)
  • Annalise Mathers (MPH, BSc)
  • Lisa McCarthy (PharmD, MSc)
  • Mark McIntyre (PharmD, ACPR)
  • Emily Musing (MHSc, BScPhm)
  • Anne Resnick (BScPhm)
  • Nancy Waite (PharmD, BScPhm)