National Bank at UPS Phrosh BBQ 2022

For the past decade, National Bank has been an enthusiastic and dedicated partner of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy through the Student Support Fund.

As the 2021 Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Partnership Award recipient, National Bank has taken a hands-on role in providing financial literacy and education to thousands of PharmD students. As many of you will recall, National Bank hosts two lunch-and- learns annually to teach our students about maintaining good credit and handling their student debt, helping pharmacy students get off on the right foot, managing their finances. National Bank also provides support for students as they become professional pharmacists, offering specialized products that recognize the unique financial needs of a practicing pharmacist.

Phrosh BBQ with National Bank
National Bank booth at the 2022 UPS Phrosh BBQ.

National Bank also works to enrich student experience at a number of events throughout the year including providing lunch and snacks to our first-year students during their first aid training. In September, students also look forward to a fun annual event hosted by National Bank at the Orientation BBQ.

National Bank is committed to supporting the education of pharmacists through their professional journey from student to pharmacist to business owner and future entrepreneur. For the first time this year, National Bank sponsored our Alumni Networking and Education Event on Independent Ownership, and provided insightful tips for pharmacists looking to become their own boss.

The financial support provided by National Bank goes directly to supporting student opportunities. The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy is grateful for the ongoing and generous contributions National Banks has made to enrich student experience in the PharmD program.

National Bank provides specialized banking solutions for pharmacists and pharmacy students in recognition and appreciation of the important role healthcare workers play in our communities.

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