Host Mina Tadrous will explore “Big Problems, Bigger Solutions” with experts from across health care and research

The award-winning I’m Pharmacy Podcast is returning this week for its third season, which will focus on “Big Problems, Bigger Solutions” in health care.

“It’s clear that the Canadian health care system is dealing with a lot of significant issues,” says Mina Tadrous, assistant professor at U of T’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and host of the I’m Pharmacy Podcast. “We’re going to be talking to smart people from across the U of T ecosystem to tackle what some of these problems are and unpack what the different solutions might be.”

The second season of the podcast explored the life cycle of a drug and was highly focused on the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy profession. Over the next six monthly episodes, Tadrous and producer Steve Southon are taking a broader approach and including experts, not just from pharmacy, but from different faculties at U of T and beyond. Many of the episode ideas were crowd-sourced, with listeners providing ideas for episode topics and experts to interview.

“We will be thinking about problems that are affecting many people across Canada and across the world, not just focusing on what’s happening in Toronto.”

“We will be thinking about problems that are affecting many people across Canada and across the world, not just focusing on what’s happening in Toronto,” says Tadrous. “We’re also bringing in more types of science, talking to basic scientists, clinicians, and people shaping policy.”

The first episode of the season tackles anti-microbial resistance, which the World Health Organization has declared as one of the top ten global public health threats facing humanity. In the episode, Tadrous interviews Professor Willliam Navarre, associate professor of molecular genetics at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, who is exploring ways to develop new treatments, and pharmacist Mark McIntyre, part of the Sinai Health System and University Health Network Antimicrobial Stewardship Program.

The I’m Pharmacy Podcast recently received two awards from the inaugural Signal Awards competition recognizing excellence in podcasting. Tadrous says he is looking forward to building on the momentum of the second season and exploring challenging issues with podcast guests and listeners.

“We’re really excited to start the season. We’ve developed a good listenership and people have been giving us great feedback,” says Tadrous. “The community rallied behind us and gave us some great ideas of what they are seeing on the ground, and we’re looking forward to sharing that with listeners this season.”

Produced by: Steve Southon, Kate Richard, and Mina Tadrous

Edited by: Steve Southon

Music by: Diego Martinez and Steve Southon

Stream the I'm Pharmacy Podcast

Stream the I'm Pharmacy Podcast

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