Class of 2T6 Induction Ceremony Group Shot
students signing yearbook
faculty and staff
Dean Lisa Dolovich with Barb Farrell

The annual Induction Ceremony held at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy officially welcomes first year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) students to the profession of pharmacy. As part of the ceremony, students take an official pledge of professionalism and commitment to patient care and don the distinguished white coats of pharmacy for the first time. 

“This is an exciting and well-earned milestone,” said Dean Lisa Dolovich at the opening of the ceremony. “Tonight’s event also marks a turning point in your education and careers, where you are accepting a higher level of responsibility and professionalism and an understanding that your individual actions now represent and reflect the broader profession of pharmacy.”

As part of the event, pharmacy leaders and Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy alumni shared their experiences and advice with students. Alumna Barbara Farrell (PharmD 9T4) and recipient of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy 2022 Hall of Distinction Award spoke about her career trajectory and the passion she has for pharmacy and patient care.

Farrell, who is also Senior Scientist at Bruyère Research Institute in Ottawa, is internationally recognized for her contributions to the field of polypharmacy and deprescribing, including developing the world’s first evidence-based deprescribing guidelines and evaluating their implementation. As a pharmacist in a geriatric day hospital, Farrell has seen first hand how deprescribing certain medications can improve health outcomes for older people. “I’ve seen people stand up out of their wheelchairs and walk, believe it or not, and people who have had diagnoses of dementia reversed when we stopped their medications,” she said. “This is what has really driven me in the last ten years to focus on developing deprescribing guidelines to help health care professionals decide when and how to stop medications.”

Natalie Crown, Director of the PharmD program, spoke to the exciting opportunities that lay ahead for students training to become pharmacists at a time when the visibility of and appreciation for the contributions of pharmacists is rising.

“I’m very proud to be a member of this professional community and I look forward to the same for each of you.”

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