Dear Faculty,

Please see the communication directed to students that was released on July 20, 2021, by Jamie Kellar, Associate Dean, Academic.

As the communication indicates, the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy is preparing for in-person classes for the fall. 

At this time, it is expected that classes will resume within the following parameters:

  • All in-person instruction and on-campus activities at post-secondary institutions will be permitted to resume. 
  • There will be no capacity limits on university activities, including classes and meetings. 
  • There will be no requirements for physical distancing.  
  • Masks in indoor spaces will still be required. 

As Professor Kellar’s message explains, the information above is dependent on strong vaccination rates and that improving public health indicators continue over the summer months. To date, I know there has been a significant amount of work accomplished in planning for in-person instruction and this planning will continue to take place at a program level over the coming weeks. 

Our administrative staff also staff play a crucial role in supporting the academic mission of the Faculty and we are now at a stage where conversations can begin to take place between staff and managers about the return to campus. The University of Toronto’s key commitment during this stage is to maintain our student and research experience, if not enhance it through hybrid work.

I am thrilled that we are in a position, both at the organizational and societal level, to be able to look forward with optimism to resuming our academic mission in an in-person environment. Our faculty, students and staff have played an important role in getting to this point. I appreciate your steadfast commitment to our students and to each other throughout the course of this pandemic.

Should you have any questions about the planned return to in-person instruction, please direct them to:

  • Lisa Dolovich for general questions
  • Natalie Crown for questions related to the PharmD program and courses
  • Kathy Vu for questions related to PharmD for Pharmacist program and courses
  • Dave Dubins for questions related to PharmChem program and courses
  • Carolyn Cummins for questions related to Graduate program and courses


Lisa Dolovich,
Professor & Dean
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Toronto