Toronto ON

Isadore Kanfer teaches PHC 330H, Pharmaceutics 2 – Dermatological dosage forms. His research interests are dermatological and topical drug products, safety and efficacy. In addition to his role as Professor at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, he is Emeritus Professor of Pharmaceutics at Rhodes University in South Africa and Honorary Professor at KLE University in India.

Kanfer serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences) and Editor-in-Chief elect for the Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology. He is involved with many pharmaceutical organizations, including Health Canada’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Clinical Pharmacology and the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Selected Publications

A comprehensive approach to qualify and validate the essential parameters of an in vitro release test (IVRT) method for acyclovir cream, 5%. Katrin I. Tiffner, Isadore Kanfer, Thomas Augustina, Reingard Ramla, Sam G. Raney, Frank Sinner. Int.J.Pharm.,535(1-2):217-227, (Jan 2018)

Application of an Optimized Tape Stripping Method for the Bioequivalence Assessment of Topical Acyclovir Creams. Sumalatha Nallagundla, Srinivas Patnala, Isadore Kanfer. AAPS Pharm SciTech,19(4): 1567-1573, 2018.

Identification of Mechanism and Pathway of the Interaction between the African Traditional Medicine, Sutherlandia Frutescens, and the Antiretroviral Protease Inhibitor, Atazanavir, in Human Subjects Using Population Pharmacokinetic (PK) Analysis. A.C. Müller, M. P. Ducharme and I.Kanfer. J Pharm Pharm Sci ( 21(1s), 215s – 221s, 2018

Revisiting FDA’s 1995 Guidance on Bioequivalence Establishment of Topical Dermatologic Corticosteroids: New Research Based Recommendations. Deniz Ozdin, Naveen Sharma, Jorge Lujan-Zilbermann, Philippe Colucci, Isadore Kanfer, Murray P. Ducharme. J Pharm Pharm Sci ( 21, 413 - 428, 2018

Novel Approach for the Bioequivalence Assessment of Topical Cream Formulations: Model-Based Analysis of Tape Stripping Data Correctly Concludes BE and BIE. Deniz Ozdin, Isadore Kanfer, Murray P. Ducharme. Pharm Res 37, 20 (2020).

In vitro release testing (IVRT) of topical hydrocortisone acetate creams: A novel approach using positive and negative controls. Nyengeterai Amanda Mudyahoto, Seeprarani Rath, Ashmita Ramanah and Isadore Kanfer. Dissolution Technologies, Volume 27, Issue 1, February 2020   

A Validated IVRT Method to Assess Topical Creams Containing Metronidazole Using a Novel Approach. Seeprarani Rath and Isadore Kanfer. Pharmaceutics 2020, 12(2), 119.

Assessment of “Sameness” and/or Differences between Marketed Creams Containing Miconazole Nitrate Using a Discriminatory in vitro Release Testing (IVRT) Method. Potiwa Purazi, Seeprarani Rath , Ashmita Ramanah, and Isadore Kanfer. Sci. Pharm. 2020, 88, 6; 1-13.