CPE Speaker Series

Using a health technology assessment (HTA) lens to look at medication reconciliation (MedRec) and other healthcare processes.

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) has been recently defined as “a multidisciplinary process that uses explicit methods to determine the value of a health technology at different points in its lifecycle. The purpose is to inform decision-making in order to promote an equitable, efficient, and high-quality health system”. How can we apply this process to examine interdisciplinary healthcare programs in which pharmacy takes a lead role? Reviewing the clinical, economic, organizational and patient-related, as well as other dimensions associated with our interventions can provide guidance to help improve health outcomes and optimize healthcare resource use.  This session will discuss the application of an HTA perspective to medication reconciliation (MedRec) and other pharmaceutical care processes that may provide direction for stakeholders to enhance continuity of care throughout the health system.



James Bowen is a clinical research manager within the Program for Health System and Technology Evaluation at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, which is also affiliated with the THETA Collaborative at the University Health Network in Toronto, and is an adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact (HE&I), Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. His research activities over the past 18 years have focused in the area of Health Technology Assessment (HTA), including the development of methods to conduct studies designed to help inform health policy decisions related to technologies and interventions used within the Ontario health system. Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Master of Science from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto. He currently works part-time as a community pharmacist.



Andrew Wyllie

Andrew is the Senior Manager for Quality and Academic Practice, Pharmacy and the Pharmacy Residency Program Director at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.