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Policies and Guidelines
Please see the links below for information on policies, guidelines and other resources for carrying out research at the University of Toronto and the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy.

Animal Care

  • For Protocol Submissions and all other information relating to Animal Protocols, click here.

Applications for Funding or setting up accounts through Research Services

The BioSafety Officer for the Faculty is Ray Reilly. Please bring BioSafety certificate forms to Sam D’Alfonso (Room 1206) who will coordinate signing and forwarding to EHS.

Building Issues
The telephone number to call for all building issues including Fumehoods in the laboratories is 416-978-3000.

For all urgent issues (e.g., floods, chemical spills, fire, accidents) please call Campus Police at 416-978-2222.  They will coordinate the required emergency response.



Funding Opportunity Alerts

Laboratory-Coat Washing Service

  • The Faculty of Pharmacy has a lab-coat washing service agreement with the Department of Comparative Medicine (DCM) at Medical Sciences Building. In order to use the service please follow these instructions.

Safety Training

Standard Operating Procedures


Additional Resources for Faculty