Dear students,

By now you will have received the email from the Faculty regarding the suspension of all current experiential rotations as of today (March 16th) for a three week period.  This means that your current rotation (Block 9) is on hold and that you should not attend your rotation site or proceed with rotation activities. 

Please note that the decision applies to all rotations including those rotations (i.e. NDPC) that have the ability to work off-site.  Preceptors have also been informed of this change. Please ensure that your mid-point self-assessment has been completed in CORE ELMS if not already done, as this will give you an opportunity to reflect on your rotation progress to date.

While it may seem that some rotations are higher risk than others, we are all facing a unique and rapidly changing day-to-day reality. For this reason, all rotations, regardless of location, have been placed on hold. We understand that this is a challenging time for you and that there are many questions about timelines, completion of rotations, and graduation.  Please know that this three week break from experiential rotations provides an opportunity to monitor the ongoing situation and identify when the time is right for rotations to continue and where students may be able to contribute to the healthcare system’s work around COVID-19.

Please continue to follow the messages sent from the Dean’s office for updates on the rapidly evolving situation.  In addition, do not hesitate to reach out with your questions and we will do our best to respond as promptly as possible.


Experiential Course Coordinators:

Karen Cameron
Marcia McLean
Vinita Arora
Kenny Tan
Tanya Sklierenko
Andrea Swanson

Office of Experiential Education:

Marvin James
Francine Phillips-Sheldon