Dear students,

On March 15 you received a message outlining significant changes to experiential rotations, the delivery of courses and exams, including a three week pause on all rotations.

Understandably we have received many questions from students about the impact of these changes and what next steps are possible. Please continue to send your questions to the Office of Experiential Education and we will do our best to provide answers quickly, where possible and where we have confirmed information to share.

Please be assured that faculty, staff and our partners across the University and at various practice sites are working together to develop the best possible solutions in this challenging time and that we will continue to share information and plans as soon as we are able. We are committed to maintaining both the integrity of your educational experience and your safety as learners.  

Thank you for your understanding as we work together during this very difficult time.

Lisa Dolovich
Professor and Dean

Sandra Bjelajac Mejia
Interim Director, Professional Programs