I would like to share some information about how we will support the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy building & community during the University’s annual holiday closure.  The University will be closed from Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2020 to Friday, Jan. 1, 2021, inclusive.

Building & Safety Protocols:

All current building & safety protocols will remain in place for the duration of the holiday closure; the building will be locked and accessible by activated fob ONLY.  Any staff, students or faculty who choose to come into the building over the holiday are expected to follow all safety protocols including:

  • Ensuring no one follows you into the building
  • Using hand sanitizer and/or washing your hands frequently
  • Wearing a non-medical mask in all public areas of the building
  • Ensuring a 2 meter (6 foot) distance between you and other people
  • Signing in **Please ensure you bring your own pen/pencil to sign-in with**
  • Continue to UCheck before coming into the building

Caretaking & Disinfection:

The safety of our employees, staff and students as well as our research are top priorities, and so for those research labs which may wish to continue their research projects during the closure, we have arranged for caretaking services for portions of the Leslie Dan building.

Caretaking will be providing services to select areas of the building from December 23rd – January 3rd, with the following exceptions:

  • December 24th at 12:00 noon to December 26th at 12:00 noon
  • December 31st at 12:00 noon to January 2nd at 12:00 noon

During these times there will be no Caretaking or disinfection provided in the Leslie Dan building, and faculty, staff & students are encouraged to not come into the building unless absolutely necessary.

The areas that will receive caretaking services are:

First floor: Front entrance and the path to both passenger & service elevators

  • Washrooms

  • Study desks in the Atrium and Room 120 (Jack Kay room)

6th Floor: Path to Grad student lounge & lounge from both elevators

  • Barrier-free washroom on the west side of the floor

9th floor: Corridors, washrooms, Room 900, labs & lab personnel rooms (labs cleaned after hours only).

10th floor: Corridors, washrooms, Room 1000, labs & lab personnel rooms (labs cleaned after hours only).

11th floor: Corridors, washrooms, Room 1102, labs & lab personnel rooms (labs cleaned after hours only).

12th floor: Corridors, washrooms, Room 1200, labs & lab personnel rooms (labs cleaned after hours only).

Supervising faculty members will be responsible to ensure that all individuals working in their labs over the holidays follow all safety protocols, and use only these areas and routes of travel.

Building Repairs, Maintenance & Emergencies:

If any concerns arise during the holiday break regarding loss of power, water infiltration, building damage, a room that is too hot or too cold, etc., please call 416-978-3000 24/7 and someone will be dispatched to look into the problem as soon as possible. Trades will be working with reduced staff, so response time may be longer than normal.

Please also feel free to email me with any building and/or facilities concerns you may have, problems with building access, etc. I can be reached at or by cell phone (during the holiday break, please only call in an emergency) 416-389-1177.

Please take some time to rest and rejuvenate, and connect (virtually) with friends and family…all the best to you and yours this holiday season.


Christine (Tina) Harvey-Kane
Director, Facilities Management & Operations
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Toronto