Good Afternoon:

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions across nearly all aspects of society and in our individual daily lives. At the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, we are working to support our students to the greatest extent possible.

We are pleased to announce that the Faculty will be providing a one-time grant of $750 to all currently enrolled Graduate Students in order to assist with financial hardships incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This one-time payment will not alter your existing funding and will be provided in addition to your current funding package.

Funds will be provided through direct deposit.  Please ensure you complete the attached Payroll Bank Authorization Form for Direct Deposit, and sent it to Kay Martinez in the Graduate Office at  In the subject line, please include your student number and full name only, ex. 1234567 John Smith.

You are NOT required to attach a VOID cheque (per the instructions on the form).  Please include either your e-signature or live sign the form, and then scan or take a picture of the document and send it via email to the address above.

We recognize that this information may have already been provided in the past, but this extra step will help ensure we can quickly and easily verify your information in our financial system.  Thank you for your cooperation.

We also appreciate your patience while the Faculty’s Finance Team works through the process of providing these funds to you.

This emergency relief funding has been made possible through the generous support of our alumni and donors, including those of our graduate studies programs, who have donated to the Shaping Student Life and Learning Fund.  We thank them for their ongoing support of our student community.

On behalf of everyone at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, we hope that this grant will provide some financial relief during these challenging times.


Rob Macgregor
Director, Graduate Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy