Hi everyone,

Although a formal announcement is expected on Monday, it is anticipated that joint lectures in the Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist programs will be moving online. Consequently, you are asked not to come to classes on Monday.

Each course currently has its own Course Resilience Plan in place. This plan will be communicated to you through the course instructor. If you do not hear from the course instructor regarding how their individual courses will be affected, please contact them directly for the best and most current answer. Stay tuned on Quercus for announcements. Please take a moment and make sure that your Quercus settings allow for announcements and notifications, so that you may receive this information.

Below, is some information regarding particular PHC courses:

  • PHC331 Student Oral Presentations, we will be hosting these presentations online through Blackboard Collaborate. The final take-home assignment will proceed as scheduled.
  • PHC489, we are currently considering hosting presentations online through Blackboard Collaborate. Please stay posted for upcoming announcements regarding this course.
  • PHC301, PHC230, and other joint pharmacy courses, it is expected that these courses are also moving online. Please stay posted for announcements from course instructors regarding this course.
  • PHC340 labs, a student vote was held on Thursday regarding how labs would proceed if in-person classes were suspended. The class voted unanimously to re-weigh final lab marks for the course, so that the final lab mark does not depend on the missing lab. In addition, the Industry Tour has been postponed. Thermo Fisher has kindly agreed to host our lab tour in the future.

Note that decisions regarding final exams are still pending. Please stay posted for upcoming announcements for final exams.

In summary, for now the plan is to cancel remaining labs, and host lectures and oral presentations online. Please do not come to school on Monday. Please make sure you check your Announcements on Quercus frequently, and watch your inbox for messages from course instructors.

Please also try to limit your contact with people, particularly in large gatherings. Continue washing your hands, limit touching your face, and stay tuned for messages concerning public health.

Kind regards,

Dr. Dubins
Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences Chemistry Specialist Program