Dear Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy community:

I am so pleased and honoured to be appointed as Dean at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy as of July 1, 2020. 

My role as Interim Dean over the past 8 months has allowed me to become deeply engaged in life at the Faculty. 

I truly believe our Faculty is a tremendous place to be. I am proud to be part of an environment where our students, staff and faculty are recognized worldwide for remarkable scholarship, ingenuity, creativity and impact.

The Faculty is moving forward with many key initiatives. We are renewing our PharmD curriculum to ensure that the pharmacists we train will be well prepared to meet the needs of patients and society in the future.  Our research centres are flourishing and generating discoveries that are moving science and health by contributing cutting edge knowledge to society from drug discovery, drug design and personalized medicine, drug safety and effectiveness, health services and clinical care. We are modernizing our technology and renewing some of our physical spaces to create leading-edge and inviting learning environments. We are telling our stories and claiming our position as the fourth ranked Faculty of Pharmacy in the world with renewed energy. We are broadening our local, national and international research connections and experiential learning opportunities. We are strengthening our relationships with our alumni including recognition through a formal awards program. We are developing an academic pharmacy that will focus on testing innovations, practice research and experiential education to develop pharmacy professionals, while accelerating the speed by which new discoveries can be applied in clinical practice.

We have an exceptionally talented and engaged community, fundamentally committed to supporting and elevating one another. We are all Pharmacy.  I look forward to continuing to work with everyone inside and outside of the walls of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy to achieve the vision of our strategic plan and collectively build our future. 


Lisa Dolovich
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Toronto