Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Graduate Office

The staff within the Graduate Unit will transition to remote access during the week of 15 March and may not be available in the Pharmacy Building. You may contact them at:

Anh Nguyen

Graduate Program Assistant,

For questions related to Admissions, Courses, Transfer and Qualifying exams, MSc defenses, and General Enquires

Kay Martinez 

Graduate Administrative Coordinator

For questions related to PhD Final Oral Examinations, Awards, Fees, Stipends, and TA positions

Other contacts

Rob Macgregor
Program Director

Micheline Piquette-Miller
Graduate Coordinator

Suzanne Cadarette
Graduate Coordinator

Graduate Courses

If you have any additional questions, please contact either the professor in charge of the course, the Department website, or the Graduate Office.

We will send out information regarding the registration for summer courses when it is available.

Departmental Examinations

As of now, 18 March, there are no departmental examinations (e.g. qualifying exam and transfer exam) scheduled. However, these can take place remotely via videoconferencing, without a face to face meeting. If you are interested in setting up one of these exams, please contact the Graduate Office.

Other Program Requirements

  • Student advisory committee meetings: One meeting is required per year. We have extended the deadline for the meeting to 31 July 2020. The forms are available online and Zoom is available for videoconferencing. Please contact the Graduate Office if you have any questions. We will be updating the message with information about using Zoom in the near future.
  • The Student Seminar Series will go ahead as originally scheduled for each of the five groups. The seminars will be held through the group’s Quercus shell. You should have received an invitation to join the Quercus shell from the professor in charge of your group’s seminars. If you have any questions, please contact that professor.
  • The Departmental Seminar series is cancelled until at least mid-May. We will contact any of the students who have not yet completed their seminar attendance requirement.
  • We are continuing with planning for GRIP at the end of June. We will provide status reports as the event gets closer.

Final Oral Examinations for Doctoral Students

For doctoral students with scheduled final oral examinations, SGS has made accommodations that will allow these examinations to proceed as scheduled without physical presence. SGS also offers the option of postponing the exam.

Graduate Research

All lab-based research operations in the Leslie Dan Pharmacy Building must be shut down by 5PM, Friday March 20, 2020, other than critical COVID-19 research and time-sensitive critical projects. Please stay informed of the status of activities in your own research setting. In many cases, plans for future research may also need to be changed and contingency plans developed. Consult with your research supervisor about your planning. Please also consult the website of the Office of Vice-President Research and Innovation which will be updated daily.

Graduate Funding and TAships

Graduate students will continue to receive their funding packages as stated in their funding letters. Current TA contracts may need to be adjusted to reflect the fact that undergraduate courses are no longer in-person, but the overall number of hours allocated in the contracts will not be reduced.

Emergency Funds

If you are experiencing immediate financial hardship, you can apply for an SGS emergency loan or emergency grant. We are usually able to pay out emergency loans within 24-hours and emergency grants within one week.

SGS Student Services

SGS operations continue with modifications in how we deliver our services. We are now offering virtual and phone appointments in lieu of in-person appointments. Full updates are available at sgs.utoronto.ca/covid19.

Your Safety and Community Safety

The University’s response is guided by the need to ensure the health of our community and, as much as possible, the continuity of our graduate activities.

If you feel compelled by anyone to do something that, under the circumstances, feels unsafe, please contact your graduate Chair (Rob Macgregor) immediately to seek resolution. You may also contact the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies directly at sgs.dean@utoronto.ca.