Hospital Pharmacy Residencies in Ontario

Hospital Pharmacy residencies in Ontario are co-ordinated by the Hospital Pharmacy Residency Forum of Ontario (HPRFO) in co-operation with the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Toronto. The accredited residency programmes are located in several Ontario hospitals and follow the standards and guidelines of the Canadian Hospital Pharmacy Residency Board (CHPRB). Generally, the Residency is a one year programme starting about the first week of July. The purpose of the Residency is to produce skilled Hospital Pharmacy practitioners and future leaders. As Pharmacy practice changes the Residency attempts meet the challenges and prepare the profession for their implementation.

Applications for the Ontario Hospital Residency programmes are processed by the individual residency programmes (hospitals) using a common application form. A National Residency Matching Service is operated by the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists.

Information about the application procedure and a copy of the Ontario application form may be accessed from this site:

Application Procedure, Documentation and Significant Dates - CHPRB Residency Matching Service

  1. For applicants to Ontario Residency Programmes
  2. For Ontario residency programmes; contact CHPRB.

Addresses and contact persons for each of the programmes is found on the CHPRB link. Links to the individual programmes will be added to this site as they become available. Information on each of the programmes may be obtained from each of the sites. Each Hospital offers a unique approach to Pharmacy practice. Although all subscribe to a common standard, each programme offers a different emphasis or focus on Pharmacy practice.