Preceptor Development Program (PDP)


The primary goal of the Preceptor Development Program is to prepare preceptors to competently and confidently supervise Year 4 students on Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotations.

Upon completion of requirements to become a U of T Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy APPE preceptor, participants will be able to:

  • Apply specific teaching skills and principles to optimize APPE rotations
  • Access resources available within the APPE preceptor community
  • Incorporate learning styles theory to improve the quality of workplace learning
  • Use feedback techniques to enhance student performance
  • Apply principles of stages of learning, awareness of preceptor roles, and methods of clinical teaching and assessment to effectively conduct an APPE rotation
  • Reinforce the patient care process used by students in their provision of direct patient car

Required Modules for the UT LDFP APPE Preceptor Include: Core A, B, C, Update to Core C and D.

  • Core A - Introduction to Learning Styles and Their Application to Clinical Teaching 
  • Core B - Feedback: Principles and Practice
  • Core C -  Being the Preceptor - Roles, Clinical Teaching and Assessments

This program is a combination of APPE Orientation and Preceptor Development components. Both aspects are considered necessary for APPE preceptors.

- Introduction/Orientation to APPE (60 mins): Mandatory for ALL APPE preceptors

- APPE Assessments (35 mins): Mandatory for ALL APPE preceptors

- Applying Practice-based Teaching (30 mins)

- New Models of Precepting (35 mins)

  • Update to Core C (introduced April 2016) 
  • Core D - Patient Care Process - This module is not required for Non-Direct Patient Care rotation preceptors  
  • Online overview of the pharmaceutical care process students have learned and will be expected to apply during APPE
  • All Direct Patient Care rotation preceptors must view Core D

To register for Modules A, B, C, Core C Update and/or D email for the password.

PDP Update - April 2016

The Faculty is in the process of conducting a needs assessment of preceptors in order to build on the current (above) Preceptor Development Program, and in particular to identify the unique learning needs and opportunities for those interested in educational leadership as a preceptor.

In the meantime, we will continue to evaluate and augment our current offerings of the core modules.  As part of our plan to provide preceptors with enhanced learning opportunities, we have developed some optional modules on topics that may support their professional development as educators. We are pleased to offer these new optional e-learning modules for the topics listed below:

  • Managing Conflict in APPE Rotations
  • Questioning Skills for Pharmacists
  • Managing the Challenging Learning Situation
  • Near Peer Teaching
  • Motivational Interviewing I
  • Motivational Interviewing II

To access these modules you must be a University of Toronto APPE preceptor. Please check your CORE ELMS (formerly Rx Preceptor) account under the "My Requirements" tab for more details or contact