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Students are required to comply with the Communicable Disease and Immunization Policy. A copy of the student’s immunization record is submitted to the Office of Experiential Education.

Immunization FAQs

Communicable Diseases and Immunization Policy

Updating Your Immunization Information

Instructions for Updating your Immunization Records in CORE ELMS

Updated records should be submitted in Requirements under TB Step Annual (choose class year 2, 3 or 4), not under A: Student Pre-Requisite Documents as of December 2016

Note: Please keep the original of your documents. Class of 2T0, 1T9 and 1T8 are to upload their own documentation in CORE ELMS. Class of 2T1 are to send a pdf copy to oee.phm@utoronto.ca.

PharmD Forms

Year 1 - Class of 2T1 - Immunization Form

Year 2 - Class of 2T0 - Immunization Form

Year 3 - Class of 1T9 - Immunization Form

Year 4 - Class of 1T8 - Immunization Form

Years 2-4 Tetanus, Diphtheria, Acellular Pertussis Form

Complete this form in addition to your above year's form only if you must renew your Tdap.


PharmD for Pharmacists Forms

PharmD for Pharmacists - First Year Immunization Form

Complete and submit this form at least 2 months prior to your first APPE rotation.

PharmD for Pharmacists - Returning Year Immunization Form

If you are completing APPE rotations in the academic year following your last APPE rotation, complete and submit this form at least 2 months prior to your next rotation.

PharmD for Pharmacists Tetanus, Diphtheria, Acellular Pertussis Form

Complete this form in addition to your Returning Year form only if you must renew your Tdap.

CPR/First Aid

Students must be certified in Standard First Aid and Level C CPR. A copy of the student’s certification is submitted to the Office of Experiential Education.

CPR / First Aid Policy


Year 1 - Class of  2T1 - CPR First Aid Certification Checklist

PharmD for Pharmacists - CPR First Aid Certification Record


WSIB Forms

The University is required to comply with government Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) policies related to student accident coverage during students’ unpaid placements.

Effective July 2017, the WSIB process has changed to reflect an expiration of the form at the end of Years 1, 2, and 3. Students must sign and submit a new WSIB Declaration of Understanding form to the Office of Experiential Education prior to the start of each year, except Year 4. This document assures WSIB coverage for the duration of the pharmacy program.


WSIB - Student Declaration of Understanding - 1T8 and PharmD for Pharmacists (1st year)

WSIB - Student Declaration of Understanding - 2T1, 2T0, 1T9 and PharmD for Pharmacists (returning years)

Student Accident Report

WSIB - Letter to Placement Employers

Letter of Authorization

Postsecondary Student Unpaid Work Placement Workplace Insurance Claim Form


Pre-placement Due Diligence Checklist

Pre-placement Safety Orientation Checklist

Police Record Check/Vulnerable Sector Screening (PRC/VSS)

Pharmacy students, as part of their curriculum, will have experiential placements (rotations) at various pharmacy practice settings. At some of these, students may work directly with, or in close proximity to, children or vulnerable persons.  To protect these groups and maintain their safety, sites may require Pharmacy students to obtain a Police Record Check.  Police Record Checks are sometimes also referred to as a Vulnerable Sector Screening. To avoid any confusion in this policy, we refer to Police Record Check/Vulnerable Sector Screening as PRC/VSS.  PRC/VSS is more comprehensive than “Criminal Record Checks” and “clearance letters”.

Police Record Checks/Vulnerable Sector Screening - Procedure

Mask Fit Testing

Students that require mask fit testing as a site-specific requirement for experiential placements can get the testing done at St. Michael’s Hospital at a cost.  The information for the St. Michael’s Hospital - Fit Test Clinic is listed below.

St. Michael's Hospital - Mask Fit Clinic

Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) Registration and ID Verification

Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) Registration

Students enrolled in Year 1 of the Pharmacy Program must register with the Ontario College of Pharmacists.  For more information see www.ocpinfo.comBefore Registering with the OCP, students must buy Personal Professional Liability Insurance. It is each student’s responsibility to purchase and maintain this insurance coverage. While neither the Faculty nor the OCP recommend any particular supplier for this insurance, the following contact information may be helpful:


Further details on the OCP application, registration and ID Verification can be found here. Processing times for the application is 5 to 10 business days.

In November OEE verifies student identification, following which students can upload their proof of identity when submitting their application

OCP Registration and ID Verification

Students must register with the OCP by the time they begin formal placements within community pharmacies or pharmacy services within institutions. This requirement also applies if students choose to volunteer with any pharmacy service. Registration involves two steps. First, students should register online with the OCP. Once a student has submitted the application with payment, their file will be opened.  Second, to complete the registration, the OCP requires proof of identity and a Declaration of Good Character. For more detailed information about this process click here.   

Pharm D for Pharmacists Program

Students must register with OCP at least two months before the start of the first placement in Ontario.  The registration process may take some time depending on the requirements for a certificate of registration.  Students are encouraged to start the process with OCP well in advance of the first placement.  For further information, see the OCP Registration Information page.

Student Accident Insurance

For student who are volunteering at worksites outside of the required course placements, information on purchasing insurance is found at this link.

Verification of Student Illness or Injury

This is the new official University of Toronto form for all students requesting special academic consideration based on illness or injury. This new form replaces the "Student Medical Certificate".

Guidance for completion is included on the form itself. 

There is a website that includes the form, information for students, FAQ's, and links to Registrarial Services at the three campuses found at this link.


Verification of Student Illness or Injury Form

Accessibility Standards

Like all public institutions in Ontario, the University is required to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.  To learn more about this act please visit this website: AODA