Guiding principles for APPE International Placements

  1. Appropriate environment for students [1]
  2. Opportunities for students to explore and gain experience in aspects of pharmacy practice and health-care delivery systems beyond the core curriculum and in different cultural and institutional settings
  3. Educational value for students with clearly identified learning objectives
  4. Facilitates cross-cultural competence of students
  5. Pre-departure, orientation and logistical support for students
  6. Preceptors in place who understand and agree with the student's learning objectives
  7. Socially responsible and mutually beneficial relationships with host preceptors and partnering institutions based upon a relationship or partnership model
  8. Regular feedback to and from partnering institutions concerning the students
  9. Regular evaluation of elective after each student rotation
  10. Ethical and professional conduct
  11. A UofT faculty member has been identified who will be the Toronto-based liaison and will assess the site

[1] Electives will be cancelled if any Canadian or US travel advisories are issued within 3 months of the scheduled elective and/or past advisories continue to be active