Phrosh Week 2017

Phrosh Week 2017 takes place from September 2-6, 2017! The Phrosh Planning Committee (PCC) and upper year students are excited to welcome new students to a life-changing experience.

Over the course of Phrosh Week, students will integrate into the pharmacy community and discover a new place to call home.

The week’s activities include a clubs fair, beach day, coffee house, trivia lunch and casino ‘night. The full schedule of events is available online:

“Phrosh Week was one of the most memorable events in Pharmacy school thus far,” said Julia Liu, 2TO vice president. “The week was filled with fun activities and it was a great way to become familiar with the Faculty. I also met many of my best friends at Phrosh Week. I'm most looking forward to sharing this experience with the 2T1s and am so excited for them to join the Phamily (with a Ph)!”

New students with any questions can contact or post questions on the 2T1 Facebook Group