Six Pharmacy Students Receive Poster Awards at Graduate Research in Progress Symposium

Six students from the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy received awards for their poster abstracts at the Graduate Research in Progress Symposium (GRIP) held at Hart House on June 19th, 2017.

Clinical, Social & Administrative Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • 1st prize: Priyanjali Mithal (supervised by Anna Taddio) for her poster, “Telling Individuals to Look or Not to Look during Vaccination: Is there a difference in Fear and Pain?
  • 2nd prize: Alison Bond (supervised by Scott Walker) for her poster, “Can thromboprophylaxis in medical patients be safely restricted to reduce costs?

Molecular Pharmacology & Pharmacokinetics/Molecular Toxicology and Neuroscience

  • 1st prize: Tiffany Cho (supervised by Jack Uetrecht) for her poster, “Testing mitochondrial dysfunction as a hypothesis for idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury
  • 2nd prize: Ingita Patel (supervised by Rob Bonin) for her poster, “Hanging Behavior in Mice is a Sensitive Marker of Animal Welfare

Pharmaceutics & Biophysical Chemistry

  • 1st prize: Joseph Keca (supervised by Gang Zheng), for his poster, “Unleashing the Metal Chelation Capability of the Texaphyrins through the Synthesis and Nanoassembly of Texaphyrin-Phospholipid Building Blocks
  • 2nd prize: Giovanna Schver (supervised by Ping Lee), for her poster, “New Evidence on the Kinetic Solubility Profiles of Indomethacin Amorphous Solid Dispersions in Water-insoluble Hydrogel Carriers

To find out more about each poster abstract, read the GRIP 2017 Handbook.

Congratulations to all six students!

In addition to the poster winners, four graduate students, selected by their peers to represent our four seminar groups, presented on their research:

  • Sadaf Aghevlian (supervised by Raymond Reilly) presented “Pantomime modified with metal chelating polymers (MCPs) for dual labeling with 111In and 177Lu as a potential theranostic for pancreatic cancer
  • Christine Peragine (supervised by Sandra Walker) presented “ARAST Study: Clinical Burden of Antibiotic Resistance Following Implementation of an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in a Major Tertiary Care Centre
  • Chesa Dojo Soeandy (supervised by Jeff Henderson) presented “Examination of necroptotic-apoptotic PCD signal regulation via CRISPR-mediated gene targeting
  • Amila Omeragic (supervised by Reina Bendayan) presented “Peroxisome Proliferator Receptors (PPARs): Potential Targets for the Treatment of HIV-1 Associated Brain Inflammation