Lecturer and Experiential Course Coordinator Certina Ho Receives 2016 ITIF Award

Lecturer and Experiential Coordinator Certina Ho recently received an award from the Provost’s Instructional Technology Innovation Fund (ITIF) for “A Multimedia Resource for Health Professional Students on Providing Safe and Quality Patient Care”. This award grants Certina access to an educational technology specialist to assist her with the project.

The unsafe use of medications can place patients’ health at risk and great financial burden on the health care system. More medication safety education components need to be integrated into our current health professional curricula.

A prospective study found that the frequency of drug-related hospitalization was 24.1 per cent, with 72.1 per cent of these events being preventable. Studies have also found that undergraduate education on research may have a significant impact on nursing students’ attitude, skills, and uptake of evidence-based practice.

Knowing this, Certina’s aim is to develop a resource that builds on the previous work accomplished by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School Online Patient Safety Courses with the addition of a unique characteristic – a specific focus on medication safety with materials and content derived from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada’s extensive research and analysis work that has been published regularly in its Safety Bulletins. The resulting online multimedia medication safety resource is expected to be open access with the targeted audience being health professional students from the 11 Health Science Programs at the University of Toronto.

Students are expected to improve their medication safety knowledge and hone the ability to apply medication safety concepts in different healthcare settings. The knowledge and skill development of individual students will also collectively contribute towards a safe medication use culture.