Optimizing Patient Care

On May 20th, the Centre for Practice Excellence and the Office of Continuous Professional Development welcomed members from Ontario's pharmacy community to the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy for the launch of Optimizing Patient Care, a resource to support your professional development.

Optimizing Patient Care is the product of a five-year research and educational program developed by researchers and educationalists at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy with the support of the Ontario College of Pharmacists. This innovative program is a series of FREE online learning modules designed to help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians enhance the quality of care and service provided to patients.

The project originally sought to determine the barriers to the successful adoption and implementation of expanded scope activities into pharmacy practice settings. Pharmacists from across Ontario were invited to share their insights with researchers through surveys, interviews, and focus groups. This information was then collected and analyzed to systematically identify the various barriers that exist that may prevent practicing pharmacists from realizing the expanded scope of practice afforded to them by recent legislative changes.

Driven by pharmacists in the field, this information was used to develop and inform educational modules that tackled the larger issues and themes identified as problem areas. Leveraging the insights of pharmacists of different experience levels, backgrounds, and areas of focus, educational modules – available now at www.optimizingpatientcare.ca – were developed to help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians embrace the change in scope.

Currently, three educational modules have been produced for the Optimizing Patient Care program:

Clinical Decision Making in Pharmacy Practice focuses on the many ways a pharmacist can apply the pharmaceutical care process to a variety of clinical situations to provide patients with individualized care plans that will optimize their medication experience.

A Difference of Opinion – Managing Issues Due to Expanded Scope identifies how pharmacists, as part of the healthcare team, can prepare themselves to make clinical decisions with confidence.

Documentation in the World of Expanded Scope focuses on how pharmacists can effectively integrate documentation of patient care services into daily practice.

Additional modules are currently in production, and slated to be released later this year.

These learning modules are available for pharmacists to view and complete for free at www.optimizingpatientcare.ca.

“We have made these cutting-edge modules free for practicing pharmacists and pharmacy students to access any time online to make it easier and more convenient to embrace and implement the expanded scope of pharmacy practice,” noted Professor Zubin Austin, The Murray B. Koffler Chair in Pharmacy Management at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, and Principal Investigator of the Optimizing Patient Care project.

“While these tools were developed with Ontario practitioners in mind, we expect that they will have a broader appeal within the Canadian healthcare system and any other jurisdictions where pharmacists are being given greater responsibility for their patients’ health management.”

“Ultimately, it is our hope that this program will provide pharmacists everywhere with the skills, confidence, and knowledge required to incorporate expanded scope of practice activities into their everyday pharmacy practice.”

To learn more about the Optimizing Patient Care program, or to view the first three online modules, please visit www.optimizingpatientcare.ca.