Graduate Faculty - Biomolecular Pharmaceutical Sciences field




Research Area

Allen, Christine

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Technologies for the Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer

Angers, Stephane
Associate Dean, Research;
Canada Research Chair in Functional Architecture of Signal Transduction Complexes

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Functional Architecture Of Signal Transduction Protein Complexes

Bendayan, Reina
Career Scientist, Ontario HIV Treatment Network, Ministry of Health of Ontario

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Drug Transport and Therapeutics

Bonin, Rob

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Neuronal Mechanisms of Chronic Pain

Chalikian, Tigran V.

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The Hydration Properties of Proteins and Nucleic Acids

Cheng, Margaret

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Magnetic resonance imaging and contrast agents for cellular and physiological imaging

Crandall, Ian E.

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Pathogenesis of Malaria

Cummins, Carolyn L.

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Nuclear Hormone Receptors And Metabolic Diseases

Dubins, David

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Gariépy, Jean 
SRI Research Chair in Biomolecular Engineering

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Designing New Classes of Chemotherapeutic Agents

Research Lab

Hampson, David R.

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Molecular Pharmacology of Neurotransmitter Receptors

Heerklotz, Heiko

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Interactions Of Amphiphilic Molecules With Membranes

Henderson, Jeff T.

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Regulation of Programmed Cell Death Within the CNS, Mechanisms of Neural Target Innervation, Functional Recovery of Motor Circuits Following CNS Injury

Kelley, Shana

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Molecular And Cellular Sensors For Cancer Diagnosis And Research

Kotra, Lakshmi

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Strategic Drug Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry, Antiviral Agents, Anticancer Agents, and Antibacterial Agents

Lee, Ping
GlaxoSmithKline Chair in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

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Enhanced and Modulated Drug Delivery

Research lab

Macgregor, Robert B. Jr.
Director, Graduate Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Non-Covalent Interactions. Novel DNA Structures

Pang, K. Sandy

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Application of pharmacokinetics to study drug transport and metabolism

Pardee, Keith

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Profile and Research Interests

Piquette-Miller, Micheline
Graduate Coordinator

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Molecular Regulation of Drug Transport Proteins

Reilly, Raymond M.

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Molecular Imaging And Targeted Radiotherapy Of Cancer

Spino, Michael

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Drug Disposition and New Drug Discovery

Uetrecht, Jack P.
Canada Research Chair in Adverse Drug Reactions

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Toxicology and Drug Metabolism

Weaver, Don

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Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, epilepsy, stroke, drug design, medicinal chemistry, computer-aided drug design

Wells, Jim W.

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Mechanism of Transduction Via G Protein-Linked Receptors

Wells, Peter G.

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Toxicology, Drug Metabolism and Animal Models of Disease

Wu, Shirley X. Y.

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Advanced Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Laboratory

Zheng, Gang

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Molecular Imaging, Cancer Nanomedicine and Photodynamic Therapy