Joint Health and Safety Committee

The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Joint Health and Safety Committee meets four times per year to discuss safety issues involving the faculty, staff, students and building.

Committee Members:




Carolyn Cummins (M)
Faculty (416) 946-3466
Zarko Zlicic (W)
USW 1998 (416) 978-2876
Stephane Angers (M) Faculty (Ex officio) (416) 978-4939
Heather Boon (M) Faculty (Ex officio) (416) 946-5859
David Dubins (M) 
(416) 946-5303
Paul Grootendorst (M) Faculty (416) 946-3994
Jeff Henderson (M)
(416) 946-3090
Jack Uetrecht (M)
(416) 978-8939
Titi Oridota (M) Non-Union Admin (416) 978-0875
Jessy Balendra (W) USW 1998 (416) 946-0660
Ruth Carew (W) USW 1998 (416) 946-7433
Sam D'Alfonso (W)
USW 1998
(416) 978-3833
Adeline Koh (W) USW 1998 (416) 978-3445
Ricky Tsai (W) USW 1998 (416) 978-6146
Donald Wong (W)
USW 1998
(416) 978-6989
Chesarahmia Dojo Soeandy (W)
Graduate Student representative
Monika Mis (W)
Alternative Graduate Student representative
Ayoob Ghalami EHS Senior Biosafety Officer (Ex officio) (416) 978-3981
Geoff Shirtliff-Hinds
EHS Consultant (Ex officio)
(416) 978-4335
Upcoming meetings:
May 10, 2016, 12-1pm
August 9, 2016, 12-1pm
November 8, 2016, 12-1pm
Minutes from the meetings:
Accident/Incident Webform 
First Aid Box Locations at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Room 427
Room 527
Room 670
740K - south corridor
842K - south corridor
934 - south corridor
1032K - south corridor
1132K - south corridor
1232K - south corridor

Laboratory-Coat Washing Service
The Faculty of Pharmacy has a lab-coat washing service agreement with the Department of Comparative Medicine (DCM) at Medical Sciences Building. In order to use the service please follow these instructions.
Radioisotope Safety & Ordering Procedures at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Safety Training Requirements at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Toronto Health and Safety Policy Documents
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