The Canadian Association for AIDS Research (CANFAR), Canada’s only independent charitable foundation dedicated to eliminating HIV and AIDS through research, recently renewed funding for Dr. Reina Bendayan’s research.

“Role of Drug Transporters in Antiretroviral Drug Absorption and Drug-Drug Interactions in Intestinal Tissue” is a two-year project designed to investigate the role of membrane drug transporters at the intestinal barrier in antiretroviral drug...

Dr. Jillian Kohler has been appointed Director, Global Affairs as a shared position between the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and the Munk School of Global Affairs.

This appointment follows the enhanced international focus of the University of Toronto, and Dr. Kohler’s informal role in this capacity over the past year.

Each year, students in the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy program are fortunate to participate in the Faculty's Summer Research Program. In this program, they spend the summer months performing research tasks in laboratories alongside graduate students, research associates, and professors. At the end of the summer, these students present their research to  fellow students and faculty members as part of the Undergraduate Summer Research Poster Session.

There are several treatment options for many types of bladder cancer, most of which have similar benefits and a variety of side effects. As a result, the choice of treatments often depends on patients’ preferences for treatment-related outcomes.

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research recently awarded a grant to Dr. Murray Krahn, Professor and F. Norman Hughes Chair in Pharmacoeconomics at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, to develop a disease-specific utility instrument...

Effective July 1, 2012, the Provost of the University of Toronto has promoted Dr. Heather Boon to Full Professor status at the University.

On Friday, July 13th, the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy announced the appointment of Doris Kalamut as the Director of Student Experience and Academic Progress.

Doris Kalamut has taught at the Faculty since 1981, where she has instructed in Professional Practice laboratories, Professional Practice courses, and the International Pharmacy Graduate program, among others. She brings a wealth of experience and a passion for the pharmacy profession to this position.

Each year, the Controlled Release Society, the premier international, multidisciplinary society for delivery science and technology, recognizes excellence in the field of controlled release and delivery through the presentation of their annual awards. This year, Associate Professor Christine Allen was part of a team recognized with the CRS Jorge Heller Journal of Controlled Release Outstanding Paper award.

On Thursday, July 12th, the Faculty hosted a group of high school students on campus to learn more about healthcare professions.

The Summer Mentorship Program in Health Sciences enables high school students from black and aboriginal backgrounds that have typically been underrepresented in the post-secondary educational system to experience university life and learn more about careers in the health sciences. Since 1994, close to 600 students have participated in this annual program.